FCB 67 Piccadilly Newton Street (1)
The site is located within the Stevenson Square Conservation Area

Hotel deal signed for Piccadilly gateway site

Sarah Townsend

Landowner Eastern Green has entered into a joint venture with Portugal’s Pestana Hotels to build a 150-bedroom boutique hotel at a prominent site between Manchester’s Northern Quarter and Piccadilly Gardens, plans for which were submitted this month.

Southern Green Properties, the name of the Eastern Green and Pestana International Holdings vehicle, has lodged full plans and an application for listed building consent for the wholesale refurbishment and repurposing of the grade two-listed 69-75 Piccadilly, known as the Halls Building, into a four-star luxury hotel operated by Pestana.

The redeveloped building would feature 11 storeys and include ground floor retail and leisure uses and new public realm along Newton Street.

The adjacent 67 Piccadilly, known as the Prince of Wales building because it was previously occupied by the Prince of Wales Life and Educational Assurance Company, would be demolished to make way for the scheme.

Another building, 4-6 Newton Street, would also be demolished under the plans first revealed in June. Both buildings have been vacant for some time.

67 Piccadilly Corner Image

c.Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios

The site is located within the Stevenson Square Conservation Area at a key entry point into Manchester’s Northern Quarter, with frontage onto Piccadilly.

Architecture firm Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios has designed the scheme and Deloitte Real Estate is the planner.

“The redevelopment of the site represents an important step towards delivering the full regeneration potential and agglomeration impacts of the Northern Quarter, and will make a positive contribution towards the growing demand of the City’s hotel sector,” the planning documents submitted to Manchester City Council state.

Eastern Green declined to comment on the plans, and Pestana Hotels, part of the wider Portuguese holding company, has been contacted for comment.

The most notable tenant on the plot is the Piccadilly Tavern pub on the ground floor of 71-75 Piccadilly. The operator is expected to retain the unit and reopen once the project completes.

The planning application was submitted to the council last week and there is no determination date as yet. Pestana Hotels operates other hotels in London but this will be its first opening outside the UK capital.

67 Piccadilly Newton St Elevation

Elevation of 67 Piccadilly and Newton St. c.Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios



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A room with a view is all part of the hotel experience. What is there to see? Straight from the hotel reception onto a busy street.

Manchester is a working city and lacks the classical beauty of certain cities, for example Bath, Edinburgh , or Liverpool. Manchester needs to work on its strengths. It is not a tourist city.

By Liverpool romance

This looks like a great development, good active frontage on the ground floor, refurbishment of the existing pub, generous public realm provision and a rooftop bar/ viewing area! Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition and the removal of the existing scaffolding.


A disgraceful scheme. If they cannot keep the facades then do not bother.

By Observer

Now this I like.

By Nve

Great design. tall and elegant. It complements its surrounds.

By Robert Fuller

Really impressed with the quality and originality of this scheme – it seems to have the potential to fundamentally transform the area for the better which is so desperately needed.

By Local

Please do your research Liverpool romance, Manchester is the third most visited city in the UK after London and Edinburgh.

By Bluenot

I like this. I like the slimness of it.

By Elephant

A fantastic development

By Anonymous

Amazing scheme. Almost too good for this part of town. Hopefully a catalyst to sort out most of Piccadilly and the NQ. Honestly can’t believe how bad the pavements are.

By Bob

LR with the first comment again. Love it.
Tourist figures would suggest Mcr is a tourist city, behind Edinburgh & London ONLY!

By Anon

Excellent design will work well in this location.

By Monty

There seems to be a lot of gateways. All of them leading to another gateway. Liverpool is a fine example of being a gateway to the world. The point of departure to the Americas and the point of arrival to a city with architecture that has the awe factor.

By Liverpool romance

Hopefully this will contribute towards improving back Piccadilly as well. At the end of the day the hotel can be as boutique as it likes but guests will not return if the surroundings are anything like they are now….stinking, drug dealer heaven Back Piccadilly, along with the begging, rough sleeping on Piccadilly and the drunks Piccadilly Tavern. I hope they turn that pub in to a more desirable place. I very much doubt it will be a pub again

By Steve

LR…most hotel rooms in the bigger cities look out onto busy streets. If one wants views from a hotel room, go to the lakes, much more interesting than looking at brown murky water.

By An

People often fail to understand that the River Mersey is brown because the ferry and visiting cruise ships churn up the sand.

By Liverpool romance

I think you have to take tourist number visits with a pinch of salt, whilst they may give some accuracy they also partly include figures from large airports. Traditional tourist towns, York, Oxford, Stratford, Cambrige, even Chester proportionally do better than large cities, save London. But the sign of more hotels is a good indicator for other parts of a citys economy

By Billy

Very very nice looking hotel, well placed for Piccadilly Station and the Northern Quarter.

By Dan

Nice design, great use of an existing building and more importantly more investment .

By Anonymous

I would say Bath had classical elegance and to a lesser degree Edinburgh but def not Liverpool! we’ve sailed from the cruise terminal a couple of times and when I remarked to my brother in law that the thing that spoils it is sailing past that huge scrapyard at the end he said “ what do mean …Liverpool?!’ . He can talk…?He’s from Stoke!

By Anonymous

Nice to see more original designs now coming to fruition.

Back Piccadilly has been getting some well needed attention recently. Not bad for a tiny street!

By Anonymous

@ Liverpool romance – may I ask what you are expecting to see out of a Manchester hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically….

By Loganberry

Loganberry I like it, Basil Fawlty would be proud of you.

By Monty

Looking forward to seeing this one built. A ‘flatiron’ type building that doffs its cap off to metropolitan classicism and also feels totally bang on trend.


Another hotel around Manchester city centre. A lot more business people will be working from home now so no need for more hotels.

By Darren born bred

I would like to ask Liverpool Romance if Liverpool is the stunning mega city he or she continues to suggest. Why is it doing so poorly compared to Manchester economically? I don’t want to slate Liverpool, I love a Beatles tour and a trip down Penny Lane. Who can resist the open credits of Brookside, but it seems to fail to attract the levels of business of other English regional cities. Why? Manchester is the fastest growing Tech city in Europe and Liverpool is trying to compete with Go Ape. as to who has the longest zip wire.

By Elephant

Elephant I refer you to my previous answer. Our architecture has the aww factor and as for our zip wire , people will travel from New York to use it. It was in the New York Times yesterday.

By Liverpool romance