Hulme Hall Grammar School

Homes to be built on former Hulme Hall school

Plans have been put forward to redevelop the former Hulme Hall Grammar School in Cheadle Hulme into 37 homes.

Joint applicants Seddon Developments and PH Property Holdings are behind the scheme, which will see a mix of housing and apartments built on the four-acre brownfield site, left vacant when the school relocated to Davenport in July 2017.

The developers will build a mix of 16 two and three-bedroom apartments along with 21 houses ranging between two and five bedrooms in size.

Working with planner P4, public consultation has already taken place, suggesting strong local support for the plans.

Charlotte Fowler, Associate at P4 Planning: “The Hulme Hall Grammar School site is a fantastic location, sitting within a predominantly residential area which will benefit from the new homes and transformation provided by this scheme.

“We have been particularly keen to get this application submitted as permission is required to demolish the old school buildings which lie in a conservation area and have recently become a focus for anti-social behaviour. We are therefore seeking approval so the demolition and redevelopment of the site can commence as soon as possible.”

James Heyworth, land director at PH Property Holdings said: “We are pleased to have lodged the application which is an important milestone in taking forward our plans for this challenging brownfield site.

“The design has been heavily influenced by the existing landscape features and the sensitivity surrounding development within a conservation area. We are grateful for the community support received and look forward to delivering a range of quality homes to help meet Stockport’s pressing need.”

Along with P4 Planning, the professional team includes Barnes Walker Landscape Architects; SK Transport Planning; Orion Heritage; Cheshire Woodlands; and Dave Gowen Design.

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Bet the developers don’t mention the log jammed traffic around this area its horrendous!! with three major high schools within quarter of a mile of each other.


The developers really don’t know what it is like trying to manoeuvre around the area at school time and school release time. If I set off for work at 7.40am it takes over half an hour just to get across to Roscoe’s roundabout to get on the motorway. The same coming home. Whilst the development is welcomed, something really has to be done about the congestion. Oh and while I am at it. Something needs to be done about the Students and Teachers at Cheadle Hulme College, they use the local roads as a car park!!!

By A Cynical

I don’t agree that all were positive comments from locals. I and other who live very near to this site feel that it is being over developed for the sake of maximum profit that is to be made by the involved companies. What this development will potentially do is build homes on top of each other with very small or no gardens, that will increase traffic,increase risk of flooding adjoins properties and have unseen effect on Cheadle Hulmes already strained sewerage and water way system.

By Angela Parry

@A Cynical: If you’re driving to work then you are traffic. Recommend directing some Bee Network funds into the area so you can cycle to the train station.

By Active Travel Trev

Active Travel Trev I agree with A Cynical wed all like to toddle around on our bikes but for some depending on where you are based its car or no job regardless of busy bee funds and railway stations being right outside your office of workplace. I for one would love to see traffic reduction especially around Cheadle Hulme & Bramall we know its only going to get worse.
The world is going to end, ATT on yer bike!


Active Travel Trev: Do you cycle to work? How do you know I am not disabled? You are too presumptuous by far. I like to cycle for pleasure but there is no way on earth that I would travel by bike around Cheadle Hulme at peak time. That’s my whole point, we have too much traffic coming in from outside the area to the private schools and then outwards again all during peak times making things difficult for local residents.

By A Cynical

Hideous if Cheadle Hulme isn’t already like a stand still car park during school time. It mentions the local community support this development. I beg to.differ as the impact of extra traffic in this area will cause more chaos.

By Maxine Le Brocq

What a load of Nimby claptrap. What you lot fail to grasp is that this was a major school site, private kids driven in by their parents from all over. It’s closure has taken about 200 odd car journeys off the local road network. Whatever goes there next will never take it to that number at peak school run times. I for one live near here and am definitely thinking about buying one here. What a great little estate with access to Cheadle Hulme’s most exclusive road, Hilltop. Yes please!

By bertiebotts

Having seen the plans I am actually all for it. A lot of developers tends to try and cram in as many houses as they can on the development site causing problems with infrastructure and flooding. On this plan approx 50 per cent are houses and 50 per cent is green space plus the design of houses fits in within the conservation area – all these is a positive for me. There was a lot more traffic then when it was a school – the traffic from the new houses will be minimal compared to what it used to be.

By Anonymous