Home Bargains Belle Vale

Home Bargains plots Belle Vale outlet

The retailer is planning to open a purpose-built 24,000 sq ft store on the site of the former Bridge Inn pub off Childwall Valley Road.

The store is planned for the one-acre site which currently houses the derelict pub, which is due to be demolished to make way for the scheme. There is also a William Hill bookmakers’ shop on the site, but this is described as “dated and inefficient” and will also be knocked down.

The 24,000 sq ft unit will also include 100 parking spaces, with access via Childwall Valley Road with HGVs exiting via King’s Drive.

TJ Morris, Home Bargains’ parent company, has now put forward an application for the store to Liverpool City Council.

WPL is the architect; in planning documents the company said the scheme would aim to “revitalise and uplift the vacant site, providing local residents with choice and quality of provision as well as creating new full and part-time jobs”.

Home Bargains already operates a nearby store at Belle Vale Shopping Centre; elsewhere in Liverpool, the company is also building a megastore on Speke Boulevard.

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It looks like a nice big old pub. Sad to see buildings like this go, sad to see Kentucky knock down the pub in Garston to make way for KFC. A sign of the times I suppose.

By Anonymous

This is horrendous I thought we needed homes building? . That main road is so busy anyway why do we need more home and bargains? More traffic more pollution more plastic crap we don’t need. I LIVE HERE . When are we to be consulted?

By J James

I think this is a great idea I would not mine working there .

By Ann macavoy

Great idea, place is an eyesore. Hope they do all the necessary wildlife surveys there will be bats in there

By Mark Pritchard

What’s the point in building yet another home bargain when they have one in the shopping Center half a mile away, why not build a leisure Center/ swimming baths, nothing like this in our area.

By Gand

Ridiculous idea , there are no pubs in the area or food places, the likes of weathersoons would make a killing in this area ,it’s s beautiful building such s waste ( local residents)

By Anonymous

Crazy idea. Why can’t it be updated like the English rose Halewood. This area is crying out for something like that.

By Keith williamson

I think it’s great an I would b an asset to the company. Always shop in belle vale home bargains….

By Michelle

Makes me wonder why build another Homebargain wen theres one in Belle Vale centre! Do they know something we dont know about the centre? I agree the Bridge in is a beautiful building why knock it down for some ugly monstosity! It would make a lovely family restraunt something that our community lacks instead of Macdonalds or Kfc

By Nikki

The road works are bad enough there and home bargains in shopping centre close by, aren’t residents to be consulted?

By Anonymous

How to we go about jobs please


Absolutely disgusting to demolish such a beautiful old building .
Surly it could be saved .
It would make a fabulous family pub /restaurant .

By Mary Robinson

Ridiculous…I agree a swimming baths or even something like wetherspoons would be better who needs a huge home and bargain when there is one around the corner?
I live by it and our road is dangerous enough with people using it as a cut through when its access only added traffic is only going to make this worse!!

By Anonymous

If the area is so devoid of pubs/restaurants, then why didn’t people use it when it was there. No good moaning when its gone. Unfortunately, the building and site is now an absolute eyesore and if it can’t be viably reused for its existing purpose then alternative uses should be welcomed.

By Anon

Think it’s awful to pull down a lovely old building could have so much potential with the right staff to be a family place for food and drinks something are area doesn’t have.

By Anonymous

Bad idea. Traffic is really bad at this junction. They’ll mirror Aldi on Copple House Lane customers in a tight car park and can’t get out. Busy road. Keep the pub. This is sad.

By Dave

Ridiculous another shop cant fill the ones in belle vale or is that going too a family place or swimming baths more social housing anything but a big store

By Mrs L