Everton Stadium East Stand
The overall height of the stadium has been reduced but the capacity remains unchanged

Historic England looks to block Everton’s £500m stadium plans 

Dan Whelan

Despite stating it was pleased with recent design amendments made to the club’s proposed 52,000-capacity stadium at the grade two-listed Bramley-Moore Dock, the conservation body has asked for the application to be called in by the Secretary of State. 

Historic England said: “We consider that the proposal to infill the dock…would result in substantial harm to the significance of the grade two-listed Bramley-Moore Dock and cause harm to the World Heritage Site. 

“Due to the impact of the proposals, we regrettably think that this application should be determined by the Secretary of State and will ask for it to be called in for his determination.” 

Historic England also said the application should be refused “unless the decision-maker concludes that the public benefits would outweigh the damage to Bramley-Moore dock and the harm to the World Heritage Site”. 

Last week Everton FC provided an update on the project’s progress which included some design tweaks including decreasing the height of the stadium “in line with the council’s Liverpool’s World Heritage site guidance”. 

The multistorey car park attached to the West Stand was scrapped in favour of a surface level car park at West Quay.   

Everton West Stand Updated

The stepped area of public realm replaces a planned car park

In its place, a stepped plaza facing the River Mersey has been added to the West Stand, creating an area of public realm. 

However, despite the tweaks to the design, Historic England has asked Government to call in the plans, potentially causing significant delays to the project. 

The club had hoped to start construction in early 2021 subject to planning approval from Liverpool City Council later this year. 

In a letter to supporters, Everton’s stadium development director Colin Chong, said the club had worked “extensively and collaboratively” with Historic England for several months and added that the conservation body was “aware of the significant benefits the stadium will bring to both the club and the city region”. 

Liverpool City Council said it does not comment on active planning applications. 

Laing O’Rourke has been appointed as lead contractor for the project and Pattern is the architect.

Pattern was appointed as technical architect in June following the conclusion of Meis Studio’s contract.

Buro Happold and Planit-IE are the engineering consultant and landscape architect respectively.

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Think we’re getting to a point when the city needs to decide either to keep the world heritage status or ensure regeneration and development that will aid future generations. Limiting schemes like this and others that have been proposed will only push back the development of the city by decades.

By J

You couldn’t write about it , what an absolute joke !!!!! lol

By Anonymous

No words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous

Pathetic. Where were they when next one along was filled for a sewage works? The site is wasteland lay dormant over 40 years. This project brings investment and jobs to hopefully kick start the northern docks area. The people of the city where consulted with overwhelming supportive feedback, why are we then dictated as to rights and wrongs from people who aren’t even connected to the city.

By L17

Hs2 ploughs through towns and villages but they oppose this !!!!!!
Keep Liverpool down!!!!!!

By Anonymous

if Historic England and the other preservation groups want to preserve Liverpool`s past then we should destroy the dock system and re-introduce the natural shoreline , this objection is madness and complete pedantry.
The new stadium is a lifeline and catalyst to North Liverpool`s future prosperity, the preservation lobby need to be sensible about their role and can play their part in seeing the city`s historic fabric is respected, but there has to be flexibility, for example the giant Tobacco Warehouse is being drastically altered to a modern day use, but without that we would surely have lost it and it would have been left to deteriorate or collapse.

By sound

The boundaries of the World Heritage Site are almost arbitrary and this is the extreme northern end next to a wastewater treatment plant, with only the dock wall of any obvious heritage value. A compromise really should be possible that allows this crucial regeneration project to proceed whilst protecting THE MOST IMPORTANT heritage assets. 99% or more of the the WHS heritage assets are in a very good state and are away from Bramley Moore Dock. There are docks to the south of the WHS just as worthy as Bramley Moore Dock that are NOT in the WHS. Bramley Moore’s wall and other assets will be saved!
Reach a compromise Historic England and persuade UNESCO, for Liverpool. We cherish the assets of the WHS, but the dock basin at Bramley Moore Dock is not one of the greatest. Please look at the WHS as a WHOLE and take a proportionate view.

By Red Squirrel

The heritage lobby which I generally support undermines it credibility by opposition to the well designed project which both respects the areas heritage and is a important regeneration project which will boost the north of the city and kickstart wider regeneration so bring more opportunities to a very deprived population of that area . Even worse when the alternative is a further 50 years of dereliction.

By George

No matter, how small, or on a grand scale project, that is guaranteed to generate billions, not millions of pounds to the city of Liverpool itself, in future generations, there is always a minority of people who have no foresight whatsoever, but thrive in objecting to anything that doesn’t benefit themselves!
Nothing short of a discrace how this magnificent addition to the historic waterfront of my home town, from one of the city’s magnificent historic institution of Everton football club could now be in danger of collapse!

By Ged lynch

The historic dock they’re trying to protect isn’t even visible.

Let’s tear down the three graces and reinstate St. George’s Dock. Thats how ridiculous this is!


This is disgusting. We need to fill in a petition to: keep this project up along with keeping up with other tall schemes, or a petition to make the council possibly removing the world heritage site. We can’t keep turning down tall buildings and keeping up with modern ways just for a UNESCO ‘status’. Would this be possible to start a petition for these 2?

By Anonn

Historic England DONT care about the future of Liverpool they are only interested in the past. This project is essential for an area of the city in need of regeneration. We must look to the future and so must Historic England who should not be so blinkered as new buildings will form part of our heritage going forward.

By Anonymous

I dont know if the hydraulic accumulator tower is listed, but the dock wall certainly is grade 2, and that will need to be altered simply to accommodate the crowd. I am certain LCC, Peel and EFC can do that sympathetically. Both English Heritage and UNESCO need to be mindful of what they wish for. The Shard is within 500m of the Tower of London, as well as other unsightly buildings, and there is a golf course and spa club across the road from Khufu’s great pyramid. I didnt see UNESCO threaten London or Cairo. Working together can ensure development without the loss of heritage. Liverpool knows how important its heritage is, and will want to keep it; but it knows that it cannot be held in aspic. Many urban economist warn how harmful it could be suspending development to keep acres of derelict, unused for decades, land. Look at the sugar silo what use is there for that? History shows that those mercantile cities that failed to develop their docklands eventually died.

By Billy

Manchester will have something to do with this on the quiet. Secret meetings that Liverpool is not invited to.

By Mark my words

Time to get rid of WHS, it’s an Albatross around our necks for future development and job creation.
One could almost believe the conspiracy theories bounding about locally about the “London Dandies” holding back Liverpool, other cities can build large Hs2 stations and complexes in the centre of their cities displacing people and businesses, large areas of countryside dug up for transport links and people displaced, yet when a disused, redundant piece of contaminated land in area without much prospect of employment or investment is chosen by local organisations to renew and redevelop it. The “Dandies” all safe in their Southern homes with Tax payers wages and incomes start a fuss about it. The dock is walled off at present and will waste away if nothing happens. I could’nt see this happening much elsewhere in the UK, but time and time again they pick on Liverpool, no wonder there is a growing movement of WNEWAS in this city.

By Liverpolitis

Bring back rickets, outside toilets and tin baths in front of the fire I say and as for electric lighting don’t get me started. Historic England don’t you just love them?

By Anonymous

Why are people so obsessed with development that they can`t see the the four corners of the big screen? City centre congestion on match days, potential football violence in the city centre as opposing fans clash, disruption, noise, and the list goes on.
Everton have got a stadium they can work on, but it`s not really about Everton? It`s about development

By Bixteth Boy

This is a fantastic stadium. Historic England is one of the reasons why Britain’s regional cities are so grim because they are more interested in saving a bit of grass Francis Drake wiped his shoe on than bold progressive architecture like this. I despair. They did the same with St Michael’s in Manchester. They will probably have their mitts on Mayfield next. Funny how these people are not interested in alternatives to dereliction.

By Elephant

@Bixteth boy, you are right, lets not do anything, in fact let’s knock the whole city down and revert to a small fishing village and the feudal system, why bother improving anything anymore, lets put our faith in you and your “little group”. In fact why not build it in Bixteth street area then you could have a good view of the game from your lofty position?

By Town Hall Tommy

We are living in a Manc-centric world.

We need to reverse the damage done and form a strong leadership otherwise we will end up with a Manchester postcode and it’s not fair.

By Michael McDonut

Anyone seen Steve Rotherham he seems to be very quiet should start calling him Caspa !!!!!!

By Anonymous

Minor blip, as the paragraph states the council can ignore them which they will do if they conclude the scheme brings wider benefits which it does. The potential call in may create a time delay but that’s all as they will agree with the council. Let’s be glass half full.


Seeing how protracted this proposal is (and always was going to be) makes me sad that Liverpool City Council spent so much local tax payer money on such a high risk and less deliverable Commonwealth Games Bid to be the substitute host city.

By Anonymous

imo there is many secret meetings that liverpool dont get invited to

By Anonymous

So my comment got DELETED somehow by someone because I said we need to sign a petition to either: get rid of the world heritage site so we can keep building tall and keep up with the modern world. OR sign a petition too: keep the new Everton stadium pushing forward.

By Anon

Historic England. How about the massive Cranes in Seaforth. The gigantic Wind-Farms in Liverpool Bay. The huge Apartment Towers on the water front. Bramley Moore is nothing but a reminder of the Slums (and Slave Traders) of the bad old days. The majority of Liverpool People (who actually live in the City) Want and need this Stadium.
Lets condemn Historic England to where they belong HISTORY!

By Big Ted

Manchester is definitely behind this decision. They are conspiring with the government here to do Liverpool down, it’s just so obvious. They’ve also conspired with the government and the development industry to prevent any offices being built here. I read on here quite extensively and Mary Woolley and Michael Mcdonough are absolutely right on this point. This is just the latest in a series of conspiracies to hit Liverpool if you ask me.

By Anonymous

That’s why ‘nothing’ will ever get the go ahead in this city. Two much of this lot and the other lot. We need to dump World Heritage. It’s a burden.

By James

So the two black blocks of buildings on Man Island did not result in any substantial harm to the significance of the World heritage site comprising the Three graces?.Incredible the hypocrisy of this quango

By Anon

if there is even a hint of truth in this story then I just completely despair!! I work in this area of Liverpool and it is a run down rat infested waste of space. It has been that way for at least 40 or 50 years…basically all my life. Efc are about to rejuvenate and regeneration a lost area of the City and along come the dunderheads! Those precious buildings are ruins…decaying pigeon waste filled slums used by none. You can’t even visit the site if you wanted to as its not accessible to the public. These objectors are idiots I’m afraid. They should be commending the club for its plans to revive this area instead of attempting to keep the area stuck in the dark ages for another 50 years!!!!!

By Mike Harford

People get very defensive and try to play the conspiracy theory card when injustices are pointed out. Whether it be government think tanks, Mancunians, or Bixteth imbeciles. Any attempt at breaking the status quo is seen as a threat.

Liverpool has been brainwashed into believing it’s a dormitory town for the self proclaimed second city down the road.

We don’t want or need a regional capital. This is why Liverpool must dissociate itself.

By Michael McDonut

Nothing from Steve Rotherham on this ?????

By Anonymous

The city centre will be a very stifling place on match days

By Anonymous

The stadium is a poor imitation of the world class stadiums down the M62 anyway. Anfield also doesn’t compare favourably against them

By Liverpool Lacks Romance

The Manchester Conspiracy posts in this comments section are hilarious. Keep them coming.

By Anonymous

Plenty of money to be made by those who would like to see Liverpool lose its WHS. God only knows what crud they would have been able to get away with over the past 10 years, given the disasters the council have waved through planning with the WHS in place.

As for this, given how little trust I have in the council and the way they do things, I find it impossible to criticise HE. I assume they know something we are not allowed to.

By Mike

I think HE are in a tough position to be fair. Regardless of what they think of the proposal, they exist to protect such structures so they have to object. They have their own gallery to play to and could not be seen to be a pushover for the precedent it would set. But, they’ve helpfully provided an enormous loop hole for Everton to glide through without touching the sides: the ‘unless’ comment in the article. If we are going to ‘build back batter’ it’d be hard to argue that half a billion quid into Kirkdale should not go ahead. Comments about football violence and Manc bias are equally ludicrous. I think you can and should do better.

By Bob Allatt

Where has the money that is being used to fund this carbunkle come from?

By H