Himor submits Wigan residential plans

Developer Himor has submitted a planning application for the first phase of its Barrowcroft housing extension to Standish.

Phase one would cost £13m and involve the redevelopment of part of Bradley Hall Trading Estate for new homes. The application is submitted in outline, but an illustrative layout shows how 148 new homes might be accommodated. There would be an affordable unit rate of 20%.

The basis of the submitted proposal, designed by IBI Taylor Young, is to breathe new life into the industrial estate by redeveloping an area containing buildings that Himor said "are coming to the end of their economic life" and focusing investment in the remainder of the estate.

Paul Wrigglesworth, head of property at Himor, said: "Himor wants to safeguard the estate's role as Standish's primary commercial location, but redeveloping the application site for commercial uses alone simply is not viable and so releasing it for housing will mean that we can improve buildings and attract new tenants elsewhere on the estate."

Wrigglesworth added: "We have a terrific relationship with all of our tenants and hope to retain the majority of those affected elsewhere within the estate in what will become a significantly enhanced commercial environment."

Samuel Stafford, head of planning at Himor, continued: "The long-term use of the application site for employment use is unviable, unsuitable and unattractive and so the proposal represents a great opportunity to improve the appearance of this part of the village and contribute towards housing need in both the village and the wider borough."

Himor pointed out that the submission of the planning application coincided with planning inspector Kevin Ward's recommendation to Wigan Council that safeguarded land in Standish be released for residential development in order to increase the supply of deliverable housing sites in the borough.

Stafford added: "It would add flexibility and make an important contribution to the supply of housing land and to address the possibility that the council's core strategy would be found unsound."

John Coxon, senior consultant at Emery Planning Partnership, advised Himor during the core strategy consultation process. Coxon said: "We supported the council's aim of supporting regeneration in the East West Core, but expressed concern that this approach would not deliver the homes the borough needs. We are pleased that Standish has been recognised as a sustainable location for development and should contribute to the growth of the borough."

The proposals include safeguarding land to the north of Rectory Lane and the transfer of Barrowcroft Wood to community use.

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Standish is totaly full to capasity now! To try to bring even more houses into this area will make it a living hell for this once lovely village! This cannot be allowed to happen!

By w.gratton