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Highways England reveals £300m road improvements

Two key infrastructure projects have moved a step closer, with Highways England setting out its preferred options for upgrading the key route to the Port of Liverpool and creating a new junction on the M56 near Runcorn.

The announcement follows public consultations earlier this year. The £250m Liverpool project will see the creation of a three-mile bypass through the Rimrose Valley, connecting Princess Way to Broom’s Cross Road.

A roundabout will be built at the junction connecting Broom’s Cross Road, Brickwall Lane and the bypass. Broom’s Cross Road will be upgraded to a dual carriageway from the new roundabout to Switch Island, where the A5036 connects with the M57 and M58. The scheme is intended to take freight away from residential areas on the congested A5036.

On the M56, a £60m scheme is proposed that will see the creation of Junction 11a, providing a new link to the Mersey Gateway bridge and a more direct route to the M56 from south Runcorn. The junction will link to a new crossroads for the A533 Southern Expressway and Murdishaw Avenue, north of the motorway. The crossroads will replace the existing roundabout.

Tim Gamon, Highways England’s regional delivery director for the North West, said: “Both these major road schemes will help to bring significant economic benefits to the North West and we’re now at the stage where we can set out our preferred options for the projects.

“The new bypass will take the existing traffic away from the A5036 as well as managing the significant increase in vehicle numbers that are anticipated with the port’s growth.

“The new junction on the M56 will also benefit local residents by taking traffic away from residential areas as well as providing a new route to the Mersey Gateway bridge – an important new link between Cheshire and Merseyside.”

Detailed designs will now be developed for both schemes, with construction due to start by spring 2020.

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Interesting to see much needed continued investment by central government into Merseyside… following the successful millions put in through capital of culture, pier head, echo area/conference centre and the museums etc

By Investment in Merseyside

This will have a huge impact on the green space, biodiversity and health and well being of this area, plus increase pollution (air and noise), generate more vehicular traffic, and increase severance, etc. etc.

There is a petition to oppose it:

By Brian Williams

1) A T-Junction at Princess Way at the end of this by-pass is going to be a complete nightmare! There needs to be a free flowing junction for the lorries heading westbound to the Port on to Princess Way and eastbound from the Port on to the new by-pass; that means flyovers over the top of rail line on to Princess Way.

2) Why haven’t Highways England decided to do what they should’ve done 40 years ago and extend the M57 over the top of Switch Island and make a new motorway junction where they want to build the new Brooms Cross Road roundabout? That will solve the problem, what they have proposed is only half a job and will add to the misery very, very quickly.

3) Why are Highways England replacing the existing roundabout with a crossroads? That makes no sense at all when the existing roundabout is was supposed to be a free flowing grade separated junction with a flyover, connecting the Southern Expressway to the M56.

This is common sense. What are you doing Tim Gamon?

By Kayla Bibby

I would have thought a junction 13 would have been far more useful on the M56! Once there’s an accident between 12 and 14 its gridlock – this would help alleviate it.

By Big Donna

Kayla, the answer to your questions is because this isnt in the south-east; for every £6 spent in the SE, we are getting less than £1 spent on transport in the NW. But dont hold your breath eaither because they will probably put a toll on these roads.
Broom’s Cross cost around £9m / mile, so although this new road is a dual carriageway (I think ????) why is it £83m / mile???? = lots of sandwiches and photo ops for the Minister of Transport!………………. or will they give Switch Island its 6th make over????

By Billy