Mirrlees Park MAN HAzel Grove
The park would cover 53 acres while the homes would occupy an 11-acre plot

Hazel Grove park consultation opens

Dan Whelan

Engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions wants to redevelop 64 acres north of its Hazel Grove base off Bramhall Moor Lane, to create 150 homes and a country park. 

Under the plans, the park would cover 53 acres and offer “unfettered access” to the public, including patients at the nearby Stepping Hill hospital, according to MAN.

On competition, the park, which would feature a fishing pond, picnic area and events space, would be managed by a community trust. 

The homes would be built on 11 acres to the west of MAN’s headquarters and the company plans to sell the plot to a housebuilder, subject to planning approval. 

The land, which is owned by MAN but with permissive access to the public, is known locally as Mirrlees Fields. 

The project team comprises Avison Young as planning consultant, 5plus Architects as masterplannerCurtins as transport consultant and Barnes Walker as landscape architect. 

Wayne Jones, chairman of MAN Energy Solutions UK, said: “As part of a company-wide land review, we appointed a consultant team to carry out a detailed review of our landholdings in Stockport and options for it. 

“We believe this is a sustainable and viable plan to create a fantastic new public amenity for the local community and we look forward to receiving and reviewing feedback from the local community, before submitting a planning application.” 

MAN aims to submit an application to Stockport Council in November. 

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“Creating” a 53 acre country park? Sounds like it’s presently a 64-acre park in all but name, and what they want is to pave over 11 acres of it.

By W

An irony of the UK planning system is that well used amenity land like this is often much more popular to the local community than farmed land designated as Green Belt. With mature trees and more diverse fauna I also suspect the habitat here is stronger than agricultural fields, yet we know which land is going to come forward for development and which is held sacrosanct.


MAN is obviousy not a UK profit-maximising, director-bonus boosting, value-extracting, ignoring, there-is-no-such-thing-as-society, Tory directed, business, is it? It’s a Germany company from a country with a social-market economy, and it managers acts accordingly, even when operating abroad.

By James Yastes

We have a petition of over 3000 signatures opposing this. Protect mirrlees fields from development Facebook group.

By Ruth Hewitt

Get it built.

By Anonymous

I’ve looked on Google maps and had a good look at this site and I’ve also looked at the Facebook group trying to block any housing development being built… No housing development should be built on this lovely bit of hidden green space.. Basically “the powers that be” want to build housing on a quarter of this lovely green space and just spruce up the remaining of the lovely green space. It’s a outrage. There is lots of brownfield sites, use them.

By Darren born bred.

Great! I’ll support this move 100%! Much needed homes and on the plus side getting rid of that giant dog toilet and creating a beautiful country park for the community…what’s not to like about that?!


They want to build on a FURTHER 11 acres, have they not already built on more than this, all the new houses there are from this land area previously, NO to the redevelopment, a fishing pond and picnic area we will get in return, it’s perfect how it is, mature tree’s, unspoilt

By Pat

No. It will end up like any other Public park run by Stockport council. Lots of concrete and rubble.
Should be left as it is in all its wildlife for adults to to enjoy and children to discover and learn about nature.

By Kath Moore

Protect Mirrlees Fields from Development is a residents association set up to fight the loss of a good portion of our precious fields. The fields are extensively used by the community, and they full of wildlife.
The proposed development would add to high levels of pollution and traffic congestion – the fields are very close to the a6 which is the 8th busiest road in UK outside of London. This part of Stockport is already the least green and hence the fields are even more precious.
We are therefore fighting to keep the fields green. Further details can be found on our website.

By Elaine Leonard

Use the brownfield! Protect our green spaces and wildlife habitats before they’re all gone!

By Quitecontrary

How ever many people object to this, the builders win in the end. Its all down to money, I bet the houses they build in that lovely area will not be `affordable` ones! I feel very sorry for the wildlife that will suffer when this goes ahead. I can only hope it doesn’t happen, but I won`t hold my breath. And what about the traffic!!!!

By J Thomas

Not more housing leave the field free to be admired

By Karen

Its surrounded by houses and not all the land is going to be used. If anything it sounds like the land is going to be made accessible. Stockport needs more affordable new build homes.


My opinion
No to the development
Open space is needed
For fresh air
Wildlife; toads snails bat’s. Etc
You will get rid of natural habitat.
The space is fine
We don’t need more houses in this area.
The company just wanting to make money and not thinking of the environment and future generations of families wellbeing and positive mental health and development

By Sue clarke

I hope that Man energy will build energy efficient homes with solar and heat pumps and battery storage. Hopefully the houses will be a good selection of detached housing with the option to part exchanging your previous house.

By Julian

I strongly oppose this development. We need to protect our wildlife and green spaces. There are mature trees here & a variety of wildlife which is irreplaceable. Yes we need more housing but build on brownfield.

By Louise Benson

There is a massive housing shortage in the area new build homes are essential for the development and growth of the community
The current “green space” isn’t looked after it’s just a haven for dog walks who don’t like cleaning up after there dog and compain about anyone including family’s with young child who want to play, walk, ride bikes or scooter in the area — it is not a safe place and plans to development and impove the area added small pockets of green space, play areas safe from dog waste would be massive improvement

By Gemma

Money talks not sustainability, the environment bodies and local communities. Look at what’s happening at Woodford.
Land adjacent to Stockport Golf club next!