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Previously home to a garden centre, the site has been allocated for housing since 2016. Credit: via BECG

Harlex pushes affordability in Timperley housing plan

Neil Tague

The redevelopment of the World of Pets site in the Altrincham suburb has gone out to public consultation, with 116 homes lined up for the plot.

A virtual exhibition will run until Monday 6 September for a project that can make a significant contribution to Trafford’s affordable housing target, according to developer Harlex Property. At least 45% of the homes on site would be classed as affordable.

The Manchester-based Harlex said that the scheme will include new park space and wildlife corridors, along with pedestrian and cycle routes connecting into wider networks.

The site, accessed from Thorley Lane south of Timperley’s village centre, has been allocated for housing since 2016. The borough can only demonstrate a 2.4-year housing supply at present and has only built 61% of its housing target in the last three years, according to Harlex.

Managing director James Nicholson, the ex-Kier and Argent man who established Harlex in 2017 with the backing of Palmer Capital before buying out his partner this March, said: “With more than half of the site being previously developed land, we have an opportunity to deliver an exceptional, sustainable development that sets the standard for new housing in Trafford.

“We’ve worked with Trafford Council to understand its priorities for new housing in Timperley and it’s clear that addressing the high cost of housing is high on its list. That is why 45% of the homes proposed for the site will be available for local people to purchase or rent at an affordable price.”

Harlex bought the 7.2-acre site in autumn 2018 in a deal backed by the Residential Land Partnership fund, following the closure of the Wyevale Garden Centre and has since been working with Trafford to develop an indicative masterplan.

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It would be interesting to know what this company deems affordable housing. The access to Thorley Lane if probably an additional 250 cars seems to me untenable given the volume of traffic that this roads and those of wood and green lane already carry. What consideration has been given to the already oversubscribed schools provision given these are being proposed as family homes. Surely there are other areas of Trafford that could support a development of this nature morse sustainably. There will be additional pressure on the flood plain and brook which could lead to flooding. As fir a wildlife corridor still waiting fir the promised one at the oldbrook fold development which Trafford had imposed but not regulated that is leading to fragile easements with a risk of collapse.

By Susan Cropper

How many of these homes will be built to the PassivHaus standard?

By Philip S Lawrence

I thought the idea of the larger GM spacial framework was so these developments are coordinated and not piecemeal??

No path along the Brook linking to previous development at oldbrook fold?

There’s due to be a significant new road and junction here to the airport/hospital and it doesn’t look to have been considered how this will interact at all. There is potential to redirect Wood Lane at the vets and cut across here to a purpose built junction, coordinating the area and replacing a short stretch of main road that currently doesn’t have a pavement on one side.

By .

They will be sold for whatever the market value is, if the market is increasing in value then prices will be released at the last possible moment to maximise the developers profits, the ‘affordability’ con will doubtless be a shared ownership scheme, nothing new or innovative here I bet, just dreary shoebox low quality eyesore homes!! If Trafford wants affordability then why the hell build in Altrincham, the least affordable town in the northwest. An insult to our intelligence and a destructive self serving council

By Mike H