Halsnead Masterplan

Halsnead Garden Village grant set for final sign-off

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

Knowsley Council is poised to accept a £12m grant from Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s strategic investment fund, to deliver access routes into the Halsnead Garden Village site.

The council’s cabinet will meet on Wednesday to finalise the agreement with the combined authority, which approved the investment in January.

Halsnead is one of 14 Garden Villages being proposed nationally. In addition to 1,600 houses, there will be 55.5-acres of employment land, a country park, a primary school and community and leisure facilities. The site covers 430 acres at the junction of the M57 and M62, to the south of Whiston. Historically the site formed part of the Halsnead Park estate.

The transport scheme is intended to build road capacity in the surrounding area and improve access into the site.

Works will be delivered on Fox’s Bank Lane, Cronton Road, Lickers Lane, Stoney Lane, Cumber Lane, Dragon Lane, Windy Arbor Road, Greene’s Road, and Tarbock Island. The scheme includes road widening, signal works, and footpath improvements.

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Why are you doing this it’s the only place us dog walkers can go and have peace around here then your killing and upsetting all the wildlife that have lived here in years the poor people living in the halsnead park are getting told they pay them out to move well nooo that have been there homes for many years ! Like my aunt and uncle try leave a bit of grass land thanks arnt we suppose to have this for our lungs sick of seeing houses getting bit on any green land your a disgrace if I’m honest !! And yes if you guessed it I’m very against this ruining people and wildlife lives!!

By Debbie

thought we had a labour council just like tory now money money money please rember folks voting time

By Anonymous

destroying acres of green land for what? money and corruption,,plans show 1 school?what about a doctors? waiting nearly 3 weeks to get an appointment now,the influx of extra people(1700 house with at least 2 people in each is at least 3400 extra people) not to mention the extra vehicles on the road,,dont suppose any of the councillors go to windy arbor island during rush hour its horrendous and i bet they dont have wait 3 weeks for a doctors appointment either

By kenny

We need more homes in whiston ,at last it’s going ahead.the squirrels will have to move to rainhill.

By Micheal Jackson

Utter chaos this is going to cause to the residents who already live in the area. There are already enough primary schools in the area, we need more secondary. Goodness knows where these new residence will go to see a GP??

By Nicola Ball

Looks promising but the proposed country park would be better nearer to the houses.

By Anonymous

How can you build a village in a village without destroying the aged community that is already there? Far to many extra cars on already congested roads, not enough school places, one junior school is not enough. Not enough doctors places, insufficient hospital places now, what with another 6/7000 people over stretching things even more. People come for peace and quiet and green space, your building on it? What happens after Brexit when we need to grow more of our own food….no land! Greed always wins the day.

By D Kent

Dismayed atthe prospect of further traffic blocking windy arbor road entrance 100 meters to the new 1600 home site will cause traffic caose and potential RTA s surely all road improvmwnts need to be in place and testedbefore building work starts ideally fox bank lane should be the first and mai entrance to the site allowing traffic to flow and disperse before hitting m62

By Peter monaghan

Looks good. Much needed development.
Hope they preserve some of the natural woodland in the proposed country park.

By Anonymous