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AHR Architects designed the affordable housing project

Green light for Store Street shared ownership scheme

Dan Whelan

Plans for 66 canalside apartments, to be operated by Clarion Housing Group, have been approved by Manchester City Council, which praised the developers for rising to the challenge of delivering city centre affordable homes. 

The 68,000 sq ft development on Store Street, being delivered by housing provider Clarion and H20 Urban – a joint venture between developer Bloc and the Canal & River Trust – will see the creation of the what the developer claims is the first 100% shared ownership scheme in the city centre. 

Cllr Suzanne Richards, the council’s executive member for housing and regeneration, said: “Developing genuinely affordable homes in the city centre is a real challenge and it’s very welcome to see developers work with us to build the homes that Manchester people need.” 

She added: “As Manchester continues to grow, it’s vital that homes are available across different tenures and price points to meet demand.”  

The development, designed by AHR Architects, will be positioned on a small triangular plot next to the Ashton Canal, owned by the Canal & River Trust.  

Comprising two adjoining blocks, the project features three two-bedroom townhouses, 46 two-bedroom apartments and 17 one-bedroom apartments.  

The blocks are designed to address a 6.5-metre disparity in elevation between the canal towpath and Store Street.   

The first block is 11 storeys rising from street level, while the second, at four storeys, rises from the level of the canal towpath.   

A roof terrace will be created on top of the smaller of the two blocks, accessed from the taller building at the sixth floor.   

Clarion is to manage the scheme once complete, with properties made available through shared ownership. 

Richard Cook, group director of development at Clarion, said: “Shared ownership can provide a way for people to get on the property ladder with a lower deposit, providing an affordable route to home ownership.  

“This new development will help expand the options available, enabling people to put down roots and make a life for themselves in Manchester.” 

Richard Thomas, director at Bloc, added: “Our aim at H2O Urban is to create waterside developments that balance local, historical and environmental sensitivities. Our scheme at Store Street epitomises this ethos.”  

Clarion Shared Ownership Store Street Canal View

A roof terrace on top of the smaller of the blocks will connect the two

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Shared ownership is a con. Looking at it it’s hard to see a realistic situation where you could actually end up owning 100% of the property when you’re paying a mortgage and rent.

By Aaron

The aqueduct adjacent to the site is already leaking like a sieve. They’re going to damage it even more building this. I guess a Grade 2* listing doesn’t matter?

By Aqueduct Fan

They will be trapped in a small apartment, only to go outside to a compressed environment.

People want parks to walk through, which Manchester is short of. The nearest gardens I can think of is Piccadilly Gardens, and we all know about that.

What people really need are vistas and space. Refreshing sea air to sooth the senses and stimulate the mind. But those who don`t know better will be stuck in those little boxes.

By Liverpool romance

Aaron shared ownership is far from being a con, it gets many people on the home ownership ladder with staircasing out to owning 100% of the property a common occurrence.

By Anonymous

Just be thankful and less negative this is a option for people to get a foot on the ladder.

By Clintz

I cannot believe shared ownership is still allowed to be described as property ownership an a step on the property ladder. It is an absolute con, I should know I’m stuck with one. You own a percentage of a piece of paper – not a brick, but if mortar – nothing. You get a mortgage to effectively be allowed to rent someone else’s property. As for the terms, is this developer going to tell the conned buyers they forfeit absolutely everything, including what they have invested if they owe even a few hundred pounds of maintenance fees. A great big con, no other way to describe shared ownership

By Lynn Cluer

Shared ownership means you are paying a lot up front to buy a part share of a long lease, so you are a tenant with full service charge obligations, rent on share not owned, and possible section 20 costs. Without a residents management company you will have no control over the service charge increases, and have to sell your share of the lease in future. Avoid.

By Simon

All apartments should be common hold, and houses true freehold, leasehold means you own nothing. Get a good independent solicitor and do your research on shared ownership. #nationalleaseholdcampaign,

By Northern lass

Don’t fool yourself that you will be stepping onto the property ladder by “buying” an apartment. You will own nothing but be a long term tenant at the mercy of your landlord. All you will be stepping into will be a financial and emotional nightmare with no way out.

By Angela

I’m sure people just wait daily for this articles to be posted so they can post the most depressive situation that they can think about while offering no solution.
Liverpool_Romance – what are you talking about? This is an canalside apartment build and you’re talking about parks…I don’t know the last time a part was built on top of or beside a canal? Just give it a rest, you’ve never got anything positive to say.

By Manchester Recruiter

Manchester Recruiter I’m afraid Liverpool romance has become something of a parody. There is a recent posting comparing a couple of blocks of flats in LIverpool to the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera house!…yes really!

By Red romance

Prestatyn is better than Liverpool because it’s closer to the beach, far more open and has parks, which is all that matters.

By Tru

This not the first 100% shared ownership development in the city centre at all! Far from it. Riverside Housing in 2004-2006 built shared ownership blocks on High St and Oldham St. I should know as I bought a 50% Share in one which definitely gave me a foot on the ladder. Sold my share 4 years later at a profit

By Steve

400m to new islington canal basin, its a great green space on the waterway, you would nt know you were in the city

By warp28