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Great Northern to host City of Trees seminar

The second annual seminar held by City of Trees, which will seek to push the importance of green infrastructure in urban development, is to be held at Manchester’s Great Northern on 19 September.

The event is aimed at those involved in planning and regeneration as well as landscape architects, developers and built environment professionals, and will explore the role green infrastructure plays in creating sustainable and economically viable urban areas.

A range of speakers will make the case for why and how green infrastructure needs to be an integral component of new build.

Great Northern developers Trilogy Real Estate and Peterson Group are supporting the event. Robert Wolstenholme, founder of Trilogy, will speak on the day. He said: “As we work to promote Manchester as a world class city-region, it is vital that we recognise the quality of our green infrastructure and continue to develop it to maximise the benefit it delivers for all Mancunians. I’m proud that Trilogy Real Estate, with our partner Peterson Group, is supporting Manchester City of Trees in this task.”

Also speaking will be Matt Wells, who will give an overview of his experiences as London Tree Officer and his involvement in New York City’s successful MillionTreesNYC campaign.

Cllr Alex Ganotis, leader of Stockport Council and appointed Greater Manchester lead for the Green City region, will outline the Greater Manchester Mayor’s vision for a greener, sustainable Greater Manchester. Other speakers include Arup director Tom Armour and Nicola Hancock, associate director at The Environment Partnership.

Pete Stringer, special projects manager at City of Trees said: “We want to inspire planners and developers to ensure that things like trees, hedges and green spaces are seen as an integral part of creating places that people want to live, work and invest in.

“Our aim is for a greener Greater Manchester and we’re calling on those who are at the forefront of changing the face of our city region to come together and share best practice.”

City of Trees is a movement which aims to plant 3 million trees, one for every man, woman and child across Greater Manchester within a generation. Around 120 people are expected at the event, which is fully booked.

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Hopefully the speakers won’t be be too wooden.

By Blague

Good to see that they have turned a new leaf and are branching out.

By Squirrel

I remember that when he was leader of the Manchester city council Graham Stringer told me that trees had no place in a city centre!!

By Old hack

Hopefully they get to the root cause of the problems stopping this from happening.

By Pineapple Chunks

Manchester, a city suffering from chronic Dendrophobia is a bizarre setting for this seminar.

By Elephant

Manchester is extremely green, just not in the city centre.

By Anonymous

They could start in Manchester by turning some of the dreary thoroughfares into avenues.

By Elephant

Cheetham Hill Road is like a Parisian boulevard.

By Tony Heyes

City centres should be a priority for trees and green spaces, the UK seems to lack behind so many other countries in that respect. The places that create the most pollution and co2 are city centres and need the trees to help purify and cleanese the atomosphere, never mind the aesthetic appreciation of trees in an urban setting.

By Man on bicycle

Cheetham Hill road is a Parisian boulevard compared to London and Stockport roads.When you drive down there,it is hard to believe that you are in Western Europe. Litter and filth everywhere and potholes. Do MCC councillors ever go out of Didsbury?

By Elephant

Wythenshawe is still an impressive garden estate with green verges and trees galore.