Lancs Road Flythrough
The scheme will build a 4.85km-long dual carriageway with four junctions

Govt approves £150m Lancashire road scheme

Sarah Townsend

Plans for a three-mile dual carriageway bypass near Poulton-le-Fylde have been approved by the transport secretary under statutory powers.

Highways England granted a development consent order for the bypass of the A585 that will connect Windy Harbour to Skippool in Lancashire, due to it being considered under the Government’s Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project regime.

The NSIP process aims to fast-track major transport and other schemes.

Main contractor Kier Highways, a subsidiary of Kier Group, is expected to start work in the coming weeks and the scheme is planned to complete in summer 2023.

The development, which is intended to reduce congestion and support economic growth in nearby towns such as Wyre and Skippool, will create a 4.85km-long dual carriageway with four junctions connecting the bypass with existing roads.

The plans also include the conversion of Skippool Junction to a traffic signal-controlled crossroads, and changes to other existing junctions to accommodate U-turning traffic such as buses.

Some work will be carried out to major structures in the local area, too, including the replacement of Skippool Bridge, Lodge Lane Bridge and Grange Footbridge to improve pedestrian safety.

But rural lobby group the Campaign to Protect Rural England lamented the Government’s approval of the scheme. Debra McConnell, Chair of CPRE Lancashire said: “It is a short-sighted approach spending so much public money on outdated road infrastructure.

“For CPRE Lancashire, this represents a missed opportunity to better connect rural Wyre with greener travel modes.  We had hoped the Heathrow decision would lead to a review of spending on Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.”

The project is being delivered through Highways England’s £8.7bn Regional Delivery Partnership framework.

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This is really good news, but I have the feeling that it will help a little bit. I can’t see any reason why a dual carriageway all the way to Fleetwood, it would make more sense and would probably eliminate delays all together. Thanks.

By Richard Keel

good, many more roads needed in the North West, traffic is terrible

By Dan

They have got this completely wrong. All that is needed is a road connecting Shard Road with Garstang Road East, taking away the need for Blackpool-bound traffic to go through Poulton.
What we will now have is prime farmland carved up for minimal benefit, all in the name of unlocking land for yet more housing. A bad day for Singleton, and the land between it and Skippool.

By Trent Steele

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is opposed to road developments, such as this, as it has a negative impact on our valuable countryside.

The new road will induce many more car journeys, and will cause farmland to be at risk from housing development, leading to the same level of delays in the long run. Experience shows the countryside charity that new road building causes significant environmental harm, ruins tranquility, wildlife habitats, undermines local plans that focus development in our urban areas and reduces farmland and with it domestic food security.

The current Covid-19 situation shows how vulnerable our food supplies are, and the Treasury has underwritten a lot of economic uncertainty. We must better protect and enhance our countryside assets.

Transport is the largest source of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the country at 126 million tonnes of CO2 emissions equal to 28%. This particular sector is significantly off track to meet climate change commitments. CPRE believes the Government ought to be considering radical plans to promote a transport hierarchy of walking, cycling, public transport (including rail), and the last resort should be roads.

By CPRE Lancashire

Great news for local people, let’s hope we get forward thinking and use recycled plastic in the road surface.

By Michael Burnett

I thought all new roadways had to have cycle provision

By Christine

It bypasses about 50 houses.

By Pointless

Should be dual carriage way all the way from m55 to fleetwood
All it’s going to achieve on the plan is to move traffic jams from windy harbour to m55 section and wyre hotel junction to fleetwood section
Also if the railway line was to re-open for commercial and public use it would take lot of strain off the roads
Its ok building all these new homes (average two cars per household )mostly working outside the area have to use sub standard roads

By Tony

I would have thought the beneficiaries would be businesses in the towns of Bispham, Cleveleys and Fleetwood plus the commuter residents therein.
Wyre is a Borough and Skippool is a hamlet at best

By Peter K Roberts

Bad, we need less car journeys not more

By But but

Absolute waste of money. The real congestion is from Ribby Hall to Windy Harbour and wont be relieved by this. Good farmland ends up under tarmac and, just out of interest, where are these towns called Wyre and Skippool which are going to benefit from economic growth? Yet again decisions about our lives made by folk down South. I thought they were supposed to be encouraging us to use the car less; building new roads will definitely succeed in that objective wont it?

By Jane Richardson

I can’t see this new road system working or being of benefit, because the congestion in & around Poulton won’t be made any better ,in fact it can only get worse with all this excess house building thats happening on any green space that can be bought by developers & all i can see is even more of our rural landscape being destroyed & the only people that will benefit from this new road is the house developers ,because this road will destroy many agricultural farmers livelihoods by cutting across & through their land ,whilst also causing even more damage to the surrounding woodlands & its wildlife, which in the end will leave the farmers with no choice but to sell off their land to some greedy developers because they can’t effectively farm their land so they lose their livelihoods. So why can’t the railway lines to Fleetwood etc be put back into service, it could be used again for freight as it always used to be , it would also be of great benefit to the local residents who work in places such as Preston & Manchester etc & it would also help bring in tourists who want to to visit or holiday in our area & the biggest benefit i can see from putting the tracks back into service is ,that no more green space, farm land or woodland needs to be destroyed as the tracks are already there & have been for 100+ yrs ,all they need is some investment in the upgrading of them,which has been happening to the Blackpool tracks over last couple of years anyway. Bringing the old tracks back into service would ease pressure on the roads & if they linked that with the extended Blackpool tram service they have planned for the area then that would be of benefit to everyone & ease a lot of the congestion, because we would have a more environmentally friendly & cost effective system that could work & benefit everyone

By Sheila Finlay