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Government creates £15m pot for Northern cultural projects

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

The Government has launched a £15m Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund, aiming to benefit “areas that have historically had low levels of cultural and creative investment”.

The fund has been set up to capitalise on the legacy of the Great Exhibition of the North, due to take place in Newcastle and Gateshead next summer.

A Government statement said that schemes could include opening a new tech start-up centre or renovating live music venues, to increase opportunities for people to experience, benefit and contribute to culture and creativity.

The fund will make grants of up to £4m available. The first round of bids will be coordinated by Local Enterprise Partnerships.

The successful projects will be announced in March 2018.

While Manchester’s major cultural project, the £110m Factory, is being paid for with £78m of Treasury funding, the prominence of the scheme has come under fire as many other cultural institutions across the North face cuts. Split across a number of competing schemes, this latest pot of funding may be considered too thinly spread.

Culture secretary Karen Bradley said: “This £15m fund is a fantastic chance for towns and cities to develop inspirational projects that could have a transformative local effect, particularly in communities that have seen less cultural or creative investment in the past.

“We want as many people as possible to benefit from the Great Exhibition of the North, and this fund will boost the Northern Powerhouse and help build a lasting legacy across the whole region.”

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Karen Brady offers a pathetic 15 million pounds between 13 million people.Then says that it is a great opportunity. How much longer are we going to tolerate Westminster treating us like second class citizens in our own country? This is beyond insulting.They would spend more than that on a garden party at Hampton Court.

By Elephant

When will the North wake up to the fact that the Government and the South don’t give two figs about us. What is especially galling is the way in which our elected representatives appear to Kowtow to them and expect us to believe they can achieve something of benefit for the North.
There will be the occasional bauble, but nothing on the scale or quality of what the South receives.

By Liverpolitis

A £15m pot sounds an incredible sight!

I hope it’s on display in Stoke.

By Mike

When they say north, they mean Manchester.

By Scouse B

What will Liverpool be receiving? Stupid question!

By Scouse B

I agree with others that the Westminster govt. is, as usual, treating us like the peasants, they think we are….If people continue voting this lot in, they are dafter than I thought & deserve all they get…

By Schwyz

…lip service to those without a M postcode.

By Job Bob

Scouse B – Liverpool has had more than its fair share of cultural funding. How much was splurged on the Museum of Liverpool or the on-going revenue support for NML for instance? Time for other places to get a look in although I agree, this is a pitiful amount designed to generate favourable headlines rather than being a meaningful re-balancing away from London.

By Culture Vulture

Sadly this again has turned into a Scouse/Manc cat fight.I heard today that the government is spending 800 million pounds on refurbishing Waterloo station.Last time I went through that it had better shops than half the towns in the North of England.

By Elephant

Hang on a minute – the north is not getting £15m. That arthouse factory boondongle in Manchester is getting about £85 from govt/arts council plus £7m a year operating costs every year. And there re lots of other projects that get funding across the north, so let’s not use this announcement as an invitation to go on a wingefest.

By Deebee