Red Route Western Link Warrington
The red line is the preferred route as set out in the 2017 consultation and outline business case

Government confirms Warrington link road cash

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has approved the £142.5m funding deal for the Western Link, connecting the A56 at Chester Road with the A57 at Sankey Way.

The road will create a new crossing point over the Mersey, cutting congestion and opening up land for development for up to 24,000 new homes and “substantial employment opportunities” potentially including Peel’s Port Warrington.

The Western Link is to join the A56 at Higher Walton, to the south of Warrington, with the A57 in Great Sankey.

Roads minister Jesse Norman said: “Investment in roads cuts travel time, increases productivity and helps create new job opportunities.

“The new Western Link Road will significantly benefit both road users and residents in Warrington, and is the latest instalment of the government’s record £13bn investment in transport across the North of England.”

The road will provide another link between the north and south of Warrington, taking away some traffic from the town centre. It is also intended to ease congestion close to Warrington Bank Quay station, while an additional bridge will be built over the Manchester Ship Canal.

Although funding has been approved by Government, construction is not expected to start until 2021 at the earliest.

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Very much needed, great news.

By Mr Penketh

From Bank Quay, cross the Mersuay

By Gerry Pacemaker

This is fantastic news – shame it’s at least 2 years off.

By Nick E

Would be nice to see the SEMMS2 link to the M60 next please!


Building more roads only causes more congestion! Where is the investment in public transport and cycling infrastructure instead?

By Anonymous

And toll free, great we can all use this now instead of Mersey Flow down the river.
I would imagine if this was a little west of here it might be tolled though?

By Motorway queuer

Why not a Crossrail train linking Liverpool via Warrington and Manchester airport to Piccadilly? Then that connects the four most successful economies in the North West.

By Elephant

I won’t let that bridge happen

By WA4 mafia

How about making the two Bridges free will reduce the traffic congestion in Warrington over night and save millions

By David Buckley

Yes, why don’t we build another huge road to cut congestion and improve the air quality in the town centre where no residents or children live or play. Even better, why don’t you take people’s homes from them and destroy parts of the last bit of green land in the area, destroy children’s play areas and playing fields and listed pubs. Warrington Council has sold this town down the river – wait until they start building on your doorstep.

By Sankey bridgeboy