GM call for sites map

GMSF development map unveiled

An online map showing potential development sites across Greater Manchester has been published as part of the ongoing GM Spatial Framework consultation.

In a message to consultees, Anne Morgan, strategic planning manager at Wigan Council, working on behalf of Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s housing and planning team, said: “All of the consultation responses and sites submitted to the call for sites so far are now being published, so that residents, local businesses and other key stakeholders can see the material submitted.”

See map and consultation details so far:

“The consultation ran from 9 November 2015 to 11 January 2016 and more than 16,000 people were written to, inviting them to respond to the consultation or submit a site they felt might be suitable for development.

“Greater Manchester’s local authorities have formed no views about the submissions to the consultation or the call for sites. Decisions on the consultation submissions and whether sites will, or will not be, supported will be made at a later stage and when the draft GMSF is produced in autumn 2016.”

Morgan concludes: “Please note, the sites submitted through the call for sites are currently being analysed but the opportunity to submit other sites also remains open and can be done via the GMCA web pages.”

Last week, Cllr Sue Derbyshire, leader of Stockport Council and chairman of the GMCA housing and planning commission, told attendees of the Place RESI conference that there had been 650 sites put forward.

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