GM Police confirms relocation to Central Park

Greater Manchester Police Authority will formally announce its move to Ask:Goodman's office park outside Manchester city centre after its Annual General Meeting tomorrow.

The plot reserved for the new headquarters sits next to the five Madison Place office buildings on the northern part of the park. GM Police is currently located in Chester House in Trafford. The size of the new HQ will be revealed tomorrow along with images of the proposed building.

Speaking at the event will be GMPA chairman, Cllr Paul Murphy, GMPA chief executive, Barbara Spicer, and GMP chief constable Peter Fahy.

Earlier this week, joint venture partners Ask and Goodman, formerly called Akeler, said Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was moving to Madison Place.

Central Park straddles Oldham Road and is home to Fujitsu and Mancat.

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Why does Sir Howard Bernstein seem to be helping out Ask to the detriment of of other developers and investors? The last 3 big deals seem to have been placed in their laps!! Nothing happens in the public sector in the City without Sir Howards say so and Ask seem to be benefitting from all of it!!

By ***