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Glenbrook plots £70m block at MediaCityUK

Developer Glenbrook, working in partnership with Peel L&P, has submitted a planning application to Salford City Council for a 280-apartment scheme at MediaCityUK.

Designed by architect Sheppard Robson, the project is being delivered on behalf of Latimer, Clarion Housing Group’s development arm.

The building is set to range in height from 14 to 17 storeys, and is located on the surface car park immediately next to Booths food store. The £70m development would deliver flats for sale, in a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments with residents’ facilities, a gym and retail.

As part of the outline consent for MediaCityUK’s next phase of expansion, the plot previously had planning permission for a 31-storey tower designed by Hodder + Partners.

Ian Sherry, director at Glenbrook, said: “This is the third scheme Glenbrook has delivered with Peel L&P and the first of more developments we plan to deliver with the team at Latimer.

“The scheme’s location on one of the best sites in the internationally recognised MediaCityUK development will undoubtedly be very popular with future residents. Subject to planning approval, we will commence construction in early summer 2020.”

Profits from Latimer are reinvested back into Clarion Housing Group and used to build affordable homes, invest in existing social housing and support communities.

MediaCityUK is a joint venture partnership between Peel L&P and Legal & General Capital. The planner is NJL Consulting.

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What about the new car park earmarked for this plot?
I know it’s not fashionable, but MediaCity needs more (and cheaper) parking options, especially if they are continuing to build towers

By Lucy

Yet another surface car park gone and new tower blocks have no serious surface car spaces and no underground car spaces either. Solution: park/leave your car on the public streets. Does it make sense to build four-lane public streets so that two of those lanes can permanently blocked by stationary private cars? No it does not.

By James Yates

Just what Media City needs another apartment block

By Sharon

There is a tram stop, lots of bus routes and decent cycling facilities in and around MediaCity. You shouldn’t need to drive your massive cars there. And if you do, have a think about where you live and consider moving somewhere that makes it more convenient to get to the places you need to get to without destroying the environment. Cars don’t belong in cities, they are a massive waste of space.

By Anonymous

I bet Booths are delighted. Sabotaged by the initial parking restrictions when they opened, floorspace reduced and now the only sensible car park going. Unfortunate.

By Allotmentlad

What an exciting design….NOT!

By Steve


By Anonymous

There’s one slow tram, that takes nearly 40 mins to get to the city centre. And two bus routes, because they go down seemingly all the streets in Salford and Eccles also takes about 40 mins to get to any mainline connections.
I tried travelling from Chorley on public transport, it’s not practical. MediaCity needs more car parks.

By John

More tat!

By Acelius

This plot is not earmarked for another surface car park, another plot is. In any event, a new surface car park will be created, before the car park on this development plot ceases to operate, and the number of car spaces provided in the new one will actually increase. Additionally, looking at public transport, the new Trafford Park metro link line, which runs right past and stops by MediaCityUK will open in Spring 2020. Combined with the existing MediaCityUK & Eccles metro link lines, numerous bus routes and excellent cycling facilities that are ready to support the pending Bee cycling network, the developer of MediaCityUK should not just look straight to building another multi-storey car park as the answer. Perhaps people need to really start to think about where they live in relation to work, their method of transport, their transport costs and indeed their impact on the environment and trying to reduce carbon footprint.

By Anonymous

Booths will be delighted with additional residents nearby and therefore trade for them, daytime and evening, and they will continue to provide customer parking within the multi-storey car park, situated directly above their shop, so it couldn’t really be closer for their customers or more convenient – you don’t even have to walk in the rain from your car.

By Anonymous

Nice to see MediaCityUK progressing and getting on with the next development plot!

By Anonymous

I live near Media City and it takes me just over 40 mins to walk in/under 30 mins using the met .
So wherever you’re travelling to John, it’s definitely not Manchester City Centre.

By @John

WOW another grey, square building. Is this really the best we can do?

By Pineapple Chunx

Annoymous you said “ Perhaps people need to really start to think about where they live in relation to work, their method of transport, their transport costs and indeed their impact on the environment and trying to reduce carbon footprint.”

And just how practical is that? We all can’t afford to move house due to logistics of life. It’s not just single people happy to live in an apartment two minutes walk from work who work at Mediacity.
You’re also assuming a lot about the car I drive, currently a hybrid with an EV on order for delivery next year.
Like it or not, MediaCity’s lack of direct mainline connectivity makes public transport expensive and lengthy.

By John

Let hope You got a taxi rank on site for the people to get about has at the moment there’s no taxi ranks on that Side of Media city I will be put in an objection in that we are planning to go to panel.

By Stuart Ryan

so many trolls


another great addition to MediaCity. Well done all involved.

By Anonymous

Peel and cheaper parking options don’t sit together in the same sentence.


More high rise buildings in MediaCityUK should be stopped until the current non-compliant cladding scandal has been resolved. Apartment blocks within MediaCityUK have the same ACM cladding as Grenfell. Nothing discernible is being done by freeholders, builders or insurers.

By David