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GALLERY | Renaker reveals Greengate tower designs

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

Renaker is targeting November to submit a hybrid planning application for three towers of between 41 and 50 storeys at Salford’s Greengate.

The scheme around Collier Street and Greengate would be developed in phases. A first tower of 50 storeys, made up of 559 apartments, is subject to the detailed element of the application, alongside the creation of a public park. Outline permission is requested for the other two towers, although design details are yet to be defined.

Overall, the project could deliver up to 1,521 flats.

At a public consultation, Renaker said there would be “three separate phases of development taking the form of three distinct, striking towers, ranging from 41 to 50 storeys”.

The developer is hoping for planning consent by March, in order to start on site in April.

Designed by OMI Architects, the glass-clad tower includes a three-storey brick podium level, in order to create a neighbourhood at street level, with uses expected to be amenity spaces, bars, restaurants, and shops.

The first phase of the scheme would be on the Total car park next to the Abito building, and would see the creation of the park and a residential tower.

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Looks excellent. Finally this area is coming together.


They didn’t really need an architect, anyone can draw a box

By Floyd

One of the nicest looking builds for a while.

By L

Towers tend to get the headlines ……. and this cluster will certainly add to the critical mass of Greengate to support a proper urban neighbourhood. The game changer though is a PUBLIC PARK ……..yes a PARK, along with a vibrant street scene that will be delivered in the first phase. Renaker have never failed to deliver what it gets consent for…….so in a couple of year’s time Greengate will be a very special urban residential neighbourhood.

By Dave McCall

Yet another faceless tower block been built in a city that is very quickly losing its identity, Manchester’s Conservative or as they like to call it Labor council should be ashamed for allowing planning permission for all of the tower blocks.
A minuscule are purchased by locals, manly overseas quick cash investors, instead of creating a new Hulme Cresents make streets, you know the things that have a garden with a house at the end of it, oh sorry pile them high = more cash not happy families and not opportunities for the local family’s and don’t even start me on how un-inspiring the design is.

By Manc

Here we go again. No matter what, some just have to find something to moan about. Get them built!

By Anonymous

Build em high and ignore the complainers.

By B99

Absolutely brilliant.

By Peter the Piper

You think that building only houses is a better use of space in in this location? Good job you’re not in charge.
This part of the city was full of car parks (amongst other things) when I was growing up. Glad to see it getting redeveloped and happy to see they’ve squeezed a park in.

By L

You’re having a shocker this week manc. This is in Salford and nothing to do with Manchester Council. At least you are consistent in your inaccuracies

By Redatit

I think that Manc has a point. There is so much dereliction around there it is ideal for lots of nice streets as an extension to the Urban Splash on the other side of Trinity way. A proper community with a park would work there. Perhaps similar to Timekeepers square on a grander scale. I do however like this tower and think they could do both.

By Elephant

Manc this would be Salford council. Comments might carry more weight with knowledge of relevant local authority!

By Anonymous

Manc Greengates is in Salford so you are blaming the wrong council but I have to say I really like the design.

By Anonymous

Manc… you do know this is in Salford?


Get it built

By Anonymous

There are plenty of sites for houses in Salford. Building houses with gardens is a terribly inefficient use of this piece of land. The comparisons to Hulme Crescents are foolish – there is no comparison. I hope “Manc”’s comments are a windup.

By Manker

Fantastic, the higher the better, get it built. Good to see that Manchester is finally shaping into a Global city that it should be.

By New Wave

Most people seem to forget that in the original masterplan a much bigger and impactful park space was proposed that was centralised to all the new developments. A key focus bringing all tower lock designs together this was originally a publicspace that could be enjoyed by all blocks. Whilst we welcome some public space, much has been sacrificed in terms of original claims of public green space for the area, overall design of the area, and environmental care for greengate.

By Salchester dweller

I like the build on the 50 storey tower. That Park is crucial. Maybe some vertical gardening (as in the proposed New Bailey office block at 12/14 floors), maybe take the ‘green’ up to the 6/8th floor. Ergonomics! Remember the humans who inhabit these spaces.

By Robert Fuller