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GALLERY | Plans revealed for Stockport’s Weir Mill

Charlie Schouten

Architect Hodder + Partners has unveiled the latest proposals for Stockport’s Weir Mill, one of the town centre’s most prominent residential sites, with plans coming forward for nearly 300 homes.

The architect’s proposals for developer Maryland Securities will significantly overhaul the site next to the town’s viaduct, a key gateway plot for Stockport.

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The site currently comprises a number of grade two-listed mill buildings, some of which were originally built in the late 1700s and have undergone a series of changes since then.

Hodder + Partners’ proposals are for two new-build blocks along with the retention and conversion of two of the mill buildings. The latter will house 90 apartments, while there will be 105 homes in a block next to Chestergate, and a further 102 in a block alongside the viaduct. These are split between 151 one-beds, 139 two-beds, and four three-beds.

The new-build blocks vary in height and are primarily brick-clad and glazed to reflect the viaduct and the existing mill buildings.

Alongside the homes, there will be two commercial units: one of 4,700 sq ft in the mill building alongside the river Mersey, and a smaller 1,100 sq ft unit in the Wheelhouse building, directly opposite the Kwik Fit building, to be accessed via King Street West.

Some buildings on the site will be demolished to make way for the new-build elements; according to planner Indigo, these are “not suited to residential use” with “deep floorplates” and “little fenestration”. The planner argued the demolition of these buildings would open up the site and allow the “more significant” mill buildings to be re-used for residential.

Demolition also opens up a significant portion of the site for public realm and landscaping; under plans by landscape architect Layer, there will be a central garden between the new-build blocks and the existing mill buildings, as well as gardens fronting the Mersey.

The site has been earmarked for redevelopment for some time, but has faced a series of challenges, not least viability; Indigo’s planning statement shows the site will be backed by £5.6m of Housing Infrastructure Fund money from Stockport Council to make it viable. According to Indigo, without the funding, the site “will not be able to be regenerated and brought forward for development”.

As a result of these difficulties, the scheme will not offer any affordable housing, nor will a proposed Section 106 agreement have any contributions towards off-site education or open space.

The professional team also includes AA Projects; Burohappold Engineering; Curtins; Stephen Levrant Heritage Architecture; and Wardell Armstrong.

Weir Mill forms a key part of Stockport Council’s Town Centre West masterplan, which is set to deliver 3,000 homes. Other sites identified for residential development include the existing Stagecoach depot near Weir Mill, which could provide 700 homes.

A Mayoral Development Corporation is to be formed to help deliver homes across the area.

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Brilliant news for all those wanting to live under a viaduct, close to a motorway and beneath a flight path. The origins of town planning to enhance the living conditions of the working population well and truly consigned to history.

By UnaPlanner

Boring. Stockport has to do better than this. The town has so much potential but this is just dull.

By Derek

Great scheme. Hope this gets built.


Looks good to me.

Derek please share your vision.

By Funky Chicken

it’ll get worse than that, it’s Maryland and they’ve not developed anything, they’ll get a consent and try to flog it for more than it’s worth, the new owner will be forced to de spec it to make it viable, then it’ll look even worse, dear oh dear Stockport, pls learn from Manchester

By Paul Smith

Better than the absolute rubbish being built everywhere else in Stockport. Great to see these fantastic old industrial buildings being brought back to life

By Pete

How much will these homes be to rent? £600 a month plus, I reckon. Too much, basically!

By Rich

Neither partys give a rats about the 70 + people and multipul small businesses on the site. Or that they will all loose their livelihoods. Its a joke. The council has lied on several occasions to the Tennants about helping them relocate, yes relocating to an expensive council owned property thats unaffordable.
All they care about is their own pockets and what they can line it with. Try spesking to the people that it really affects.
Send a reporter to weir mill and speak to the tennats about it. Or contact them then you will get the real picture of how the council supposedly care about local businesses.

By Business owner on the site

Maryland Securities ouch! The Council needs to get some input on apartment sizes and spec. The town is awash with office-to-resi conversions and this is the big chance to add some quality stock to the market. Lots of pressure on the Council here to get this right…


Hopefully this will be the start of the regeneration of the area which should include plans for the bus depot, other mills, vacant land, rundown buildings and the block of council flats opposite this site. The transformation of this area could take 10 years but it is the type of thing Stockport needs.

By Anonymous

Open the river under Merseyway!

By Unimpressed

This is an awful scheme. Conversion of all the buildings with an element of new build would be welcome.

Stockport has lost most of its mill heritage and this merely accelerates this decline.

By Acelius

Do developers ever intend to help the young people who desperately need homes YOU NEED AFORDABLE HOUSING

By Julie cavanagh

not only will this result in the closure of small businesses tthat are in the building but what about stockport history? the building is becoming quite dilapidated but how about just revamping the place as it is a grade 2 listed building. this doesn’t seem to matter to anyone anymore. stockport- concrete city!!!!

By anonymous

Looks great – just hope its affordable and they keep all the green space in the pictures rather than cutting back near the end of the build.

By Anon

This should be fun hold on to your hats folks it’s going to be a rough ride with maryland at the wheel the tax payers are paying for this in the long run ?

By Long Suffering tenants