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The redevelopment of the fire-damaged Paterson Building at The Christie on Wilmslow Road has moved forward, with a planning application now in for a 10-storey, 270,000 sq ft cancer research centre.

The Christie, working with partners The University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK, is aiming to open “one of the world’s top centres for cancer research” by 2025 at its campus in Withington.

The mixed 10 and seven-storey building, designed by BDP, is set to include more than 113,300 sq ft of laboratory and research space over four floors, along with 92,000 sq ft of consultant workspace. There will be a 28,000 sq ft reception, café, facilities management, and research space on the ground floor, along with public realm fronting the building.

A planning application for the building has now been submitted, marking an important step in the redevelopment of the site.

Supported by planner Turley, The Christie has been through an extensive consultation process on the plans, although some local residents have maintained their opposition to the proposals.

Last month, the “Rethink the Paterson” campaign, made up of residents and supported by Didsbury West Cllr Greg Stanton put forward a letter this week arguing against the redevelopment of the site, which said the proposed building would be “inappropriate for a residential area”.

The Christie Planning Application June 3

However, The Christie responded saying the size of the building was “essential if the vision for Manchester to become a global powerhouse of cancer research and treatment is to be achieved, ensuring patients have access to the very latest treatments.

“Some of the floors will be stepped back from Wilmslow Road to minimise the impact, and our award-winning Green Travel Plan will continue to encourage staff to travel to work using alternatives to private cars,” added The Christie.

The existing building was ravaged by a fire in April 2017 which left it unusable, and following the incident many of the its staff were relocated to Alderley Park. The Christie had explored repairing the building but concluded either keeping it in its current state or refurbishing it would not be feasible.

According to Turley, locating the project on an alternative site away from the Withington campus would be “impractical and impossible for both operational and financial reasons”.

“It would disconnect scientists and clinicians from patients and therefore fail to meet a fundamental requirement for connectivity. It would also involve substantial land acquisition costs – rendering the project unviable – and a repeat of some of the operational issues presently experienced with research activity being based at Alderley Park”, said the planner.

Interserve has been chosen as The Christie’s partner for the project through the ProCure22+ framework, and is working alongside subcontractor PP O’Connor on the demolition of the existing fire-damaged building.

The contractor is also providing initial design and technical work which The Christie said would “inform the redevelopment of the building”.

Manchester City Council’s planning committee has not yet set a date to discuss the proposals. Faithful+Gould is the cost advisor, as a sub-consultant to project manager Mace.

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Whilst I appreciate how much work the Christie does in cancer research, this development is a step too far in terms of size and height with little architectural merit to carry it. I feel sorry for the home owners in what is predominantly a residential area who’s property prices will probably now plummet, especially with the proposed HS2 tunnel also running underneath them.

By Fake News

Absolutely stunning, could see this in London

By Dan

Why would the property prices plummet? Makes no sense to me. Typical Nimbyism, why try and thwart the prosperity of a world leading cancer research and treatment facility which we should be proud to have in our backyard?

By Observer1

Property prices will plummet because of an extension to the Christie? I think being next to something as prestigious as that would be a huge talking point for any resident.

By Elephant

To be fair, its hard to be a nimby when its already there and has been for years. Wonder what the Christie would have done if there hadn’t been a fire – probably not a lot. Nice looking architecture but completely out of context with the character of its village surroundings.

By Observer 2

Village surroundings? Behave yourself.

By NWPlanner

NIMBYs will find a reason to complain about anything. With the amazing work this place has always done, it could go anywhere for my money, and be as big and ugly as it likes! As it happens, I think the design is fantastic. The NIMBYs would soon stop complaining if they needed the services this place provides!!!

By Yes to the Christie

Village! Oh my God. Withington a village! It looks like Castle Combe in a certain light I will give you that. A total eclipse.

By Elephant

@yes to the Christie, you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Any who has been unlucky enough to use those facilities will know how valuable this place is. To the NIMBY’s, a very quick search on Zoopla shows that the average house in that area has increased in value 30% over the last 5 years. If you think your property value will ‘plummet’ you’re delusional and a typical entrenched NIMBY who creates an issue where there is none just because you don’t like change.

By Egg

Brilliant – get it built!

The benefits to this area, Greater Manc. and the region are incredible. Discounting these because of a bit of height is ludicrous.

@Fake News… You haven’t a clue. Property prices will do the opposite to plummet.

By Scooby

I live and work near the Christie and I welcome such an amazing looking building in my neck of the woods. My neighbours all agree and are excited. Sure we have issues with parking but who doesn’t? It’s just a few people in our neighbourhood complaining in a short-sighted way. I can’t wait for the consultation and see the overwhelming support for the Christie…no doubt the NIMBYs (yes all 3 of them) will have a plan of action somehow sending in multiple negative comments. We will just have to make sure that they are outnumbered by positive comments from us all. Christie amd MCC you just carry on doing what you do…we’ve got your back.

By Anon

Totally out of place!

By Anonymous

1) What plans did the the Christie have for expansion before the fire? Surely with such a”need” for expansion, as is highlighted, there are plans in place by this “world leading” organisation? Can these be shared? If there were no plans then frankly that’s incompetence…. The bottom line is this is opportunistic….
2) For all the “supporters” (who actually don’t get affected by this huge building) how would you like it if on your doorstep all of a sudden a huge tower block was authorised for building to ease the pressure on affordable accommodation in Manchester. That’s a worthy cause……
3) Have I considered what the money saved from a slightly smaller building can be used for. Local hospitals are at breaking point to meet came targets. This money could be spent supporting cancer services….
4) There are currently treatments that cost 200,000 pounds per treatment that the UK have to send off blood samples to the States for. Start doing this locally as a *world leading* centre….. and Dave the NHS money and hemp more patients.

Instead all the focus is on space with no real detailed explanation as to the need for. Is there going to be animal labs to do animal experiments? Most of the research is commercial research and dies not require that amount of space…..

If the Christie were truly a good neighbor then share details of what the expansion plan was before the fire…..
Share details of what the space is going to be used for exactly….
Stop being secretive as evading answers under obscure cop outs whenever a freedom of information request is made

By Jon

I am fully aware of the work that the Christie do and the requirements for the world leading research but this proposal is way out of character with the conservation area in which it will sit. If this were a commercial office scheme it wouln’t even make to pre-app. An office of this size would have massive economic benefits for the local area and would also sustain property prices. Wouldn’t be entertained though as it is not ‘The Christie’.

Having experienced the site for a number of reasons, there are a lot of dilapidated areas of the hospital, including wards, imaging suites that require upgrading urgently. Having such a large area of the site to redevelop should lead to a more innovative approach to facilitate upgrading this world class facility without plonking a big edifice in Withington.

Understandable that the Christie want to maintain their income from the Paterson from rent and research but this is an opportunity that should not be missed to improve the whole of the Christie services rather than the cash cow elements.

By Used to be local