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Contractor Bowmer + Kirkland has shared images of the recently-completed Hotel Indigo, a £30m flagship project opposite Manchester’s Victoria Station designed by architect 3DReid.

The project is a combination of refurbishment and new-build, featuring a 14-storey hotel next to the grade two-listed City Buildings on the corner of Todd Street and Corporation Street.

The City Buildings, long left empty, have been refurbished into individual hotel rooms, while the new-build element will house 13 bedrooms per floor, with each taking up around 260 sq ft. There are 187 bedrooms in total.

Completion this week marks the end of a long road for the project which was first mooted by Sanguine Hospitality in late 2011 but was never progressed.

The hotel is now preparing to open its doors and will be operated under the Hotel Indigo brand. BH Group is the developer.

Along with the hotel, the building also features a 120-cover restaurant named Mamucium, which will be run by chef Andrew Green, formerly executive chef at the Lowry Hotel.

Neil Brook, B+K regional director, said: “This project brings together the vibrancy and excitement of the Manchester we know today with the new build rotunda-side of the hotel and the history of the city with the carefully restored grade two-listed City Buildings.

“It was a pleasure to work on this challenging, but highly rewarding development. Hotel Indigo is a fitting landmark at the gateway to the Northern Quarter of the city.”

James Houlston, managing director of BH Group said: “We are delighted with the outcome of this project, 3D Reid has created a truly iconic building which, with its pivotal location at the gateway to the NOMA project, will become a recognised landmark for the city centre.”

“The contractor, Bowmer & Kirkland has done a great job. We took on a complex project with a number of challenges and they have demonstrated their expertise and professionalism with the delivery of a fabulous building, hats off to them!”

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The cladding on that building is shockingly bad, a glass cyclinder similar to the Rotunda in Birmingham would have been better.

By Aaron

The new-build element of that building is atrocious in design, an eyesore for years to come that jars with the surrounding area. It was dated before it went into cryogenic sleep during the last crash…

By Bah Humbug

The cladding looks like the insulation layer, unfinished like there is still the top layer to go on it.

I am glad the older element was kept and got some TLC though.

By Thumbs Down

@Aaron, this is Manchester remember! Cheap cladding is becoming an integral part of the urban fabric as demonstrated in many towers currently under construction around the city centre :(

By +

It really does ruin what could have been a nice little vista around there, with the corner to Victoria Station and the Hannover Building in the background. Still, Manchester wouldn’t be Manchester without some cheap, poorly designed, god awful building in view at any one point in the City Centre.

By Loganberry

Just to offer a different opinion I think they’ve done a great job on a difficult site and the contrast between old and new works for me

By Anonymous

That cladding is ugly and cheap. this will be a 20 year eyesore. change it for glass or something quick.

By Jonny

One of the worst buildings ever built.


This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen and there isn’t enough saline in the world to wash my eyeballs of its horror.

Okay, it not. The new bit does look crap though, and sadly isn’t that unusual in Manchester

By Eyewash

Get the feeling the building has been cheapened by contractor. The Interior fit out is dreadful especially after dark when tlyou see the back of house spaces illuminated for all the world to see.

By Egaf

Really like this; nice rotunda.

Bit of a risk with the grey and beige solid cladding panels – can date quickly and become weathered.

Apart from that, yes….not bad.

By Bill Tangent

Swear this looks exactly the crap they are throwing up on the south bound side of Wimmy road in Withington. Certainly looks like the cladding budget was about the same…

Terrible building all around, really devalues the area.

By Daveboi