Patagonia Place, Princes Dock, Liverpool Waters
The tower would be owned and operated by Your Housing Group once built

Fresh plans in for 31-storey Liverpool Waters tower

Dan Whelan

Developer Peel L&P has submitted an application for a 278-apartment scheme at Princes Dock, with contractor Vermont lined up to start the delayed project in August subject to consent. 

The tower would be owned and operated by housing provider Your Housing Group, under an arrangement with Peel L&P. 

YHG on its own had won consent in 2017 for a similar scheme –  a 31-storey residential tower – at the site at Peel L&P’s Liverpool Waters development, but the project stalled when the construction contract was retendered. 

Contractor ISG had been the frontrunner to deliver the tower after entering late-stage negotiations. A retendering process was then held, which saw Graham Construction and Vinci bid for the project, but no agreement was reached.

The revised scheme, called Patagonia Place, also includes a change in architect. The original scheme was designed by Brock Carmichael but Falconer Chester Hall has drawn up the new plans with Arup on board as planning consultant. 

Patagonia Place forms part of a trio of residential towers at Liverpool Waters. The first, the Hodder-designed Plaza 1821, is being developed by Peel L&P and Regenda, with Vermont on site.  

The largest tower is Moda’s 35-storey The Lexington, designed by FCH and being built by contractor BCEGI, which is due to complete this year.  

Darran Lawless, development director at Peel L&P’s Liverpool Waters said: “This is another major milestone for Liverpool Waters and comes despite the challenging environment the world is facing as a result of Covid-19. 

“Due to the current lockdown, the application process has been a challenge but the response from Liverpool City Council has demonstrated an ability and commitment to continue to function and unlock investment opportunities in the city.” 

Once complete, Peel L&P’s £5bn Liverpool Waters development will include 9,000 residential homes, 3m sq ft of commercial space and 570,000 sq ft of hotel and conference facilities across a 60-acre site. 

The waterfront project will also be home to a new cruise liner terminal and hotel designed by Brock Carmichael. 

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Princes dock now looking quite impressive , would like a bit more individualistic architecture going forward

By George

Like they have just copy and pasted Anaconda Cut in Salford

By Bob

I drove past Princes Dock yesterday. Such a soulless place

By Vacume

So a previously unviable scheme is attempting to be made viable by adding lots of additional floors and apartments. Good use of the public money by Your Housing. I hope someone has oversight on this.

By Liver

Seems to address the street level better than the previous Hive design more integrated with the neighbouring blocks which is a noticeable issue around salford quays. I’d like something with a little more visual interest, it’s inoffensive if a bit bland. @Vacume i’m not sure if you were expecting to see a bustling vibrant dock in the middle of a lockdown…

By LiverMan

It looks like YPG are out, it is off ethier website. However their renshaw street development is still on the site despite all plant being removed a few weeks ago. Is it and are they still a going concern.

By John

I prefer this to the original proposal. I particularly like the white stone cladding below. Outshines it’s neighbours imo. As for soulless @vacume, we are currently in the middle of a lockdown so I expect that everywhere is soulless right now. Once all the residential buildings, the cruise liner terminal and the new hotel are complete, this place will be buzzing.

By Anonymous

Looks good. I imagine the shape change to a more straight forward box is to maximise the number of units and therefore profit from the design.

Hopefully decent towers, public realm, and office space, start happening in the Liverpool Waters zone now.

By Chris

Liver – This is the same height and has the same number of apartments as the previous consent…

By Anonymous

Pleased with this – good news. It’s coming together now, although no-one will ever describe Princes Dock as a triumph of place-making or landscape design.

By Sceptical

Looks pretty good but it would be good to see some greenery and public realm incorporated into the design. I’m hoping there will be more animation at street level too – restaurants, cafes etc.

By Anonymous

Another lump of glass and metal. Liverpool becoming another Manchester.

By John Smith

If it even commences of course. Sigh.

By Michael McDonut

YHG and YPG are not the same company. That’s why it isn’t on the YPG website.

By Steve

It’ll make a massive impact on the skyline, get the footie stadium approved now.

By Anonymous

Formulaic Peel development cheap and dull as dishwater.

By Monty

Princess Dock is beautiful

By Anonymous

Well it won’t happen now will it?

By Dan

We need offices. We want offices. Until we build some offices we will always be that other smaller city down the road.
Will these apartments be affordable?

By Fairy Contrary

This article doesn’t refer to the UNESCO World Heritage status once. It is very important to the kudos, brand and visual ‘narrative’ of the waterfront. If heritage had been ignored in the past the Albert Dock could have ended up being filled in to become a car park. Peel and LCC must get the balance right.

By Ted

I was musing over the name for this building then I remembered quite a few of the Welsh emigrants sailed from close here to make new lives in Patagonia in the 19th c.

By Liverpolitis

What size are the apartments?


By Liver lad

Shame it’s not 20 storeys taller, could be as impressive as the Manchester Hilton Deansgate. Another lost opportunity in Liverpool under selling itself as usual.

By Anon

Nice simple design although I preferred the previous design with its stepped top. Once the cruise terminal and hotel are added to Princes Dock this part of town will be quite impressive. Sailing up the Mersey towards the Liverpool skyline is a beautiful experience, something few cities can boast. That being said we desperately need more offices and commercial space in town.

By Liverpolitan

The conditions down the dock are so blustery and unpleasant, who really wants to make a long term home there? Balconies are impossible and street life virtually non existent and to top it all you’re likely to be a long way from Like Street to access any decent employment opportunities.

Mark my words, these will be Airbnb flats for visiting hen parties before you know it.

By Danny

Hey up Danny: You are dead right. For Chinese or Singapore investors this makes sense: skyscraper apartments and a piggy bank in the UK. But this is not creating a world-class space in Liverpool Why not? A waterfront location is worth gold, so why do the planning staffers not insist on a liveable, visitable, beautiful waterfront? This is another cheap mega-multi-storey lego oblong of concrete and glass. Do not fret. The sons of Thatcher are nearing retirement. A new generation will soon be deciding. Rejoice!

By James Yates

They can hardly be Airbnb flats if two of the schemes are largely Housing Associations.

By Billy

Glass and metal suits Manchester quite well, and complements a lot of the older architecture.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t suit Liverpool either.

By Anonymous