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The vacant White Lion pub will be demolished under the plans

Flats approved on site of Salford pub

Dan Whelan

A proposal to demolish the former White Lion pub at the junction of Manchester Road West and Highfield Road in Little Hulton and build a mixed-use block has won planning consent. 

The proposed three-storey block will contain eight two-bedroom apartments with the ground floor given over to a Nisa convenience store. 

The White Lion, which closed in December 2017 and has been vacant ever since, is the latest pub to be demolished in the area after the Kenyon Arms, situated opposite, was knocked down and redeveloped into a care home.

The applicant for the White Lion scheme is DPPS Trading, a group of four businessmen that owns a Nisa branch in Denton. 

Nisa, which operates a franchise model and has more than 3,000 stores across the UK, was bought by the Co-operative Group in May 2018 for £143m. 

DPPS had looked at other sites in the area with a view to development but two were discounted due to their size while a third, comprising land off Seddon Street, was already subject to a planning application for 21 homes making it unavailable, according to the application documents. 

The planner for the scheme is Q+A Planning and the architect is Altrincham-based B2 Architecture. 

The project team also includes Ashley Helme as transport consultant, Hepworth Acoustics advising on noise impact, Fleurets as viability consultant and STL Projects on drainage. 

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A revolting scheme. The White Lion was probably the last decent building in Little Hulton.

By Acelius

This is a terrible scheme! There is no aspiration or quality. Shame on Salford for approving this scheme

By Sham Architect

Loads of regeneration work going on in little Hulton. I’ve never seen so much money pumped into the local area.must be a hot spot for developers as people seem to want to move here. Just look at all the houses built in old lane and planning applications for 21 houses to be built on seddon street and 900 houses to be built on Brackley golf course .Logistics North is nearly finished with plenty of jobs and the new Walkden town centre just down the road. Little Hulton seems to be sandwiched between logistics north and Walkden town centre which is an ideal place to be I suppose.

By Mark

Area is changing for the good. Lots of things happening here.

By Anonymous

Little Hulton s a dump, all this scheme does is replace a decent building with another soulless lump. The Nisa store will be a haven for asb and will probably be done over within weeks.

By Jon P

I don’t think developers spend millions upon millions in this area if the place was a dump!!!!!!!.its the same old people who love to put negativity on an area.
Loads of pros in little Hulton
Many good people
Easy reach to Manchester City, BOLTON, Leigh etc.excellent transport links…motorway links and all the infrastructure that was mention by the previous person such as logistics north. Walkden town centre.
Council spent millions on regenerating the council houses with new roofs. ..New balconies. .New kitchens…New Street lights etc the list goes on…plus millions on new build houses…how can that be a dump. …might get a few bad families but that’s everywhere including London where I was originally from. …
Up and coming area for sure

By Anonymous

I thought it was a listed building, when you look at it it’s a nice building, wonder how long it as been there.

By Anonymous

Little Hulton, turning into one big recycling area that smells dreadful, heavy skips,trucks,wagons dragging mud onto Manchester road and causing dust clouds that blow into your face/eyes on dry days, plus heavy duty Haulage transport that never stops in and out of industrial estate. Now supposed, Shop and flats more traffic GREAT.

By Barbara Seddon

Can’t believe they are going to knock down that building!!!

By Anonymous

That one more gone there are a lot of local people who have fond memories of the white lion y take a building down to put more flats up the people that are building the flats don’t live here and have memories of the white lion

By Dave

People need to stop living in the past, would you rather a local shop used by people or a derelict old building rotting to the ground and it’s even worse inside (I know I’ve drank in their enough) if you think the white lion and it’s adjacent car park is a decent building then there is no hope these pubs and their 3 regulars, drinking 2 pints of bitter a night can’t cope in the current market, it can’t be saved

By Anonymous

met a few characters in the pub but alas they have now passed away,time to move on,must say the area is fast improving

By Dave B

More traffic in that corner bad enough xx its leisure we need more houses more kids no

By Ann grundy

It.was.still open December 2017 think it.was July August 2018

By Clarke

Let’s hope they are going to do something about the traffic at that junction as at peak times it’s horrendous trying to get out of the industrial estate