Fit Club moves into Matchbox

Michael Hunt

Urban Splash has let the entire 20,000 sq ft Matchbox building in Garston to health club operator Fit Club.

The building, which was completed in December 2007 and has remained empty since, will be home to a new gym and will open later in the year.

Chris Metcalf, Fit Club's director, said: "The Matchbox is the perfect location for us and we're really pleased to have confirmed the deal. We were originally progressing with a 10,000 sq ft space in Matchworks but a lot of our suppliers kept asking why we weren't considering the Matchbox itself. With that in mind we viewed the space and knew we had to take it. We've got so much from this; a beautifully designed building, the established Matchworks community and a high profile location of the building."

The Matchbox was the first new build by Urban Splash in Liverpool and is located on the same site as its Matchworks redevelopment in south Liverpool.

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When exactly is this openeing because there is absolutely no equipment in there and nobody seems to know any information – i have made several calls and emails to fit club but to no avail?

By Natalie

Agree with Natalie, had a drive there today and empty with no sign if anything yet you can sign up on the Internet? Says on the website there has been a launch with press people going but where did they go?! Really wanna join but seems like an imminent opening is not on cards!

By Louise

No answere on the diret debit number or on the 0800 number posted on the website. Also no answer to my emails. Is this some kind of scam?

By mike

The sign has been taken down and place looks like it is up for let again. I and alot of my friends have paid £20.00 joining fee and first months payment. No one replies to any emails.

By Laura

The place is empty. All advertising and signage removed, facebook group closed. Trading Standards have been informed.

By John

Not taking any chances have cancelled direct debit and will seek advise re how to go about getting monies already paid back. Know someone who has paid for 12 months up front this is not on!!!

By Jayne

call 08712502423 harlands services this is the company on my cofirmation e mail i recieved after signing up .they cancelled my direct debit there and then but i will still visit my bank and make sure. apparently a dutch company are taking over fitclubs ,information on this would be nice like on their website or by e mail wouldn’t it !

By craig mc

cancelled my direct debit on 19/08/2010. Telephoned harlands who collect the direct debit and told them. I have received a letter today telling me that I am liable for an administration cost for cancelling. Disgraceful. I also emailed The Echo to ask when their reporter visited the gym and a still awaiting their reply.

By mike

me and my wife paid £108 each in june for this gym, think it could be a scam, no one answers phones or emails, gutted cant believe we fell for this, anyone got any info

By dave

A statement has now been released on their website ( confirming that they will no longer be opening. They have drafted in an administration team to handle the refund process. It looks like Urban Splash (site owners) have chosen a different gym operator. Statement (from It is with regret that we write to inform you that the FitClub (Liverpool) Ltd will not be opening at the Matchbox Liverpool. The Landlords, Urban Splash have decided to proceed with an alternative company and we were informed of the decision on 28th July 2010. Fit Club (Liverpool) Ltd tried extremely hard to convince Urban Splash that we were the most appropriate operator for the site, and that a local company provided a viable proposition. Unfortunately the board at Urban Splash decided that the alternative company was the preferred option having expressed concern that our planning application was overdue which allowed Urban Splash to terminate our agreement with them. A FULL refund will be provided to you via our Direct Debit Company Harland’s Group. We cannot disguise our huge disappointment at the Urban Splash decision and we fully appreciate your position. At this stage we have no information on the preferred operators pricing policy or intended service. We have put in place an administration team to handle all member refunds. We can only apologise for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Fit Club

By John