The Botanist Time Square Warrington

First occupier opens in £142m Time Square

Chloé Vaughan

The Botanist has launched its 10,000 sq ft flagship bar in Warrington’s Time Square, making it the first occupier to open its doors at the £142m development.

Soon to follow in the coming weeks will be the 13-screen Cineworld Cinema.

This will be the nineteenth Botanist to open in the country from its owner, the New World Trading Company.

The Time Square development is being delivered by Warrington & Co on behalf of Warrington Council, with Muse working as the scheme’s development manager.

Chris Hill, chief executive of the New World Trading Company, said: “As the first site to open to the public at Warrington’s Time Square, we are pleased The Botanist will forge the path for this exciting foodie, leisure and retail scheme. We’re excited to become a part of the local community.”

Leon Guyett, development director at Muse, said: “The launch of The Botanist is a key milestone for everyone involved with Time Square. It also highlights our strategic focus to deliver a best-in-class destination that blends a truly unique mix of dining and leisure operators alongside Cineworld, which is opening later in December.

“We firmly believe that we’re delivering a transformational scheme that will become the beating heart of a thriving town centre experience for the community and we look forward to welcoming further high-calibre operators throughout 2020.”

Metis Real Estate Advisors acted on behalf of Warrington & Co and Muse.

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The name ‘The Botanist’ harks back to Warrington’s history as home of one the first botanical gardens which John Blackburne established at Orford Hall in the 18th century. There is palm named after him, and several botanical specimens. The Blackburnes kicked off Liverpool’s early development with the establishment of the saltworks some 330 years ago near what is now the Salthouse dock establishing an Atlantic trade with the opening of the Old Dock. Liverpool’s first Botanic Gardens was established in the 18th century with the help of the Blackburnes if Warrington.

By Liverpolitan

That’s fascinating Liverpolitan, but nothing to do with the chain of bars owned by Living Ventures

By Anon

The name ‘The Botanist’ harks back to the history of Living Ventures Group PLC, established in Knutsford in the early 1990s. Tim Bacon and others kicked off the development of several bar and restaurant chains including The Botanist, the first opening of which was on Deansgate in Manchester some 8 years ago. Nice story though…

By Anonymous

Bring some of this history to life in this new pub. It helps create a more local brand, and sell beer! Even Weatherpoons have done it in Formby, calling their pub The Lifeboat and hanging images relating to the country’s first lifeboat. I’m sure the Botanist will be a lot nicer than this but John Blackburne was a pioneering botanist, and early merchant, establishing a reputation for botany well beyond the north west.

By Liverpolitan

It’s a happy coincidence but Warrington is trying to reposition itself culturally and it really does have an interesting history which should be remembered wherever it can.

By Liverpolitan

I am trying to confirm or quash a story I picked up yesterday. I am sure there is no truth in this, but, was the Botanist group paid any money by Warrington to have the bar in the new square?

By Dave