Final weekend’s work for new M56 bridge

The Highways Agency said it will install the new M56 Bowdon View Bridge this weekend with the motorway closed from 10pm on Friday 29 October to 5am on Monday 1 November.

An update statement from the Highways Agency said: "We will be moving the new 1,830 tonne bridge out of the site compound and driving it 500m down the motorway to the previous bridge's location over the course of the weekend. The new bridge is being transported on self propelled modular transporters."

The new concrete central pier, cast in three sections in Ireland, was installed successfully last weekend whilst the motorway was closed again.

This weekend's work is the final part of the bridge installation.

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Yay! To be fair, the Highways Agency have worked hard at making sure there has been limited disruptions. The diversion onto the M62 going eastbound onto the M60 going south last Saturday was only made worse because of an accident on the M60.
I wonder if people can stick to getting up earlier as they have been to get into work for the right time or make deliveries on time? Doubt it.

By Simon