Final call on votes for Greater Manchester TIF referendum

Michael Hunt

People in Greater Manchester have until today to submit their vote for the Transport Innovation Fund referendum.

Latest figures indicate one in three people have cast their vote, following the distribution of nearly two million ballot papers.

In Bolton alone the figure stands at around 75,000 voters, proving the decision on the proposals for a possible £3bn investment into transport improvement in the area to be one of the most anticipated in the North West.

Results of the TIF referendum could mean the controversial congestion charging scheme being introduced to motorists driving in and out of Manchester city centre during peak times.

The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities is reminding voters:

  • To sign the declaration attached to the ballot paper in order for the vote to be counted
  • To separate the ballot paper and the declaration along the perforation
  • To place the completed ballot paper in the brown envelope marked A, making sure the barcode and the number on the back of the ballot paper show through the window on the brown envelope
  • To place the sealed brown ballot paper envelope and completed declaration inside the white envelope marked B
  • To seal the white envelope marked B and return it in the post

Residents wishing to cast their vote have until the final postal collection tonight as votes must reach the Returning Officer, Sir Neil McIntosh, by 10pm in order for them to be counted.

The final results will be announced at Manchester Central in the city centre tomorrow.

  • Anyone wishing to seek guidance with the procedures can call the Returning Officer's helpline on 0800 7839828.

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