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Transport specialist Strzala Architects is leading on the scheme's design. Credit: Google Earth

Facelift for Liverpool train station 

Dan Whelan

Northern Trains, a subsidiary of the Department for Transport’s public sector owning group, has applied to revamp Broad Green station. 

The project is part of the DfT-funded Access for All programme, aimed at improving station facilities for people with disabilities. 

Working with Strzala Architects, Northern Trains’ project will involve the demolition of the existing station building and the creation of a modern replacement. 

The new station building will feature an accessible waiting room, an accessible toilet and an accessible ticket office counter. 

Access to the station will also be improved through the installation of two passenger lifts and a ramp to the Old Thomas Lane entrance to provide step-free access for passengers to both platforms. 

The majority of the Bowring Road site is owned by Network Rail and leased to Northern Trains. Liverpool City Council owns a small parcel of land in the station’s demise that is in the process of being transferred to Network Rail, according to Strzala. 

Consultancy Vextrix is also advising on the proposal. 

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They need to install disabled access to Garswood Station on the same line

By C Yates

Broadgreen needs this overhaul as the population round there has increased massively through residential developments.
Meanwhile we have redundant rail lines running through Childwall,West Derby, Gateacre, Aintree, all heavily populated and crying out for rail links as part of an outer circle line.

By Anonymous

The oldest continuously used train station in the world deserves to be treated better.

By Iain

Wow….station improvements for the city that gave you the first fair paying passenger train. Doesn’t happen often and won’t cost much. Obviously nothing to do with Network Rail NW though.

By William

Woow, woohoo ! They can upgrade West Allerton Station, make it step free while they’re at it. And all other stations that are not disability friendly! We’re in the 21st century and this is a “developed” Western country.

By Sue

Good news for them, but in the meantime other stations are being left further behind. As your reader points out Garswood station has no disabled access Liverpool bound and have been asking for a long time for a lift or similar solution.

By Dori

This sounds brilliant long overdue the place is unwelcoming and soul less at present.

By Lesley Ashcroft

About time they improved Broadgreen Station! It’s been like that for many years now!

So why decide now to improve the station? They cannot blame for not having the money, considering the huge price of the fares they charge for the tickets, they’ve could of done this 20 + years ago

By Philitours

Glad to hear this it certainly needs it