Ener-g unveils new building system

Salford-based clean technology group Ener-G has launched a control system that it claims will reduce energy usage in buildings by up to 25%.

The company's in-house research and development team has been working on the E-magine system for two years, and has trialled the technology at its new £2m green office development in Salford.

The energy management system control and manages all heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting applications. Ener-G said the system is both tamper-proof and pre-engineered to provide fast installation and commissioning, and assured lifetime reduction on energy costs and carbon savings.

"We have tackled two major system flaws that prevent many building energy management systems from delivering their projected cost and carbon savings over their lifetime," said Cedric Rodrigues, managing director of Ener-G Controls.

"E-magine is pre-configured to recognised standards for control strategies, without compromising flexibility, so it avoids the usual deviations in system performance caused by inconsistent programming. By defining the system prior to installation, customers benefit from control strategies that are repeatable and not reliant on an individual engineer's programming skills. This also generates faster, lower cost commissioning.

"A second classic flaw in building energy management systems (BEMS) is that over time various users adjust the settings and gradually erode the energy efficiency benefits that the BEMS was designed for in the first place. E-magine locks-in optimal settings, so that the BEMS achieves peak performance throughout its lifetime."

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