The Pall Mall site has consent for 366 apartments

Elliot promises fresh start after buying stalled Pall Mall site

Elliot Group has purchased a part-built scheme on Liverpool’s Pall Mall from collapsed developer North Point Global with the hopes of submitting a refreshed planning application for the site next year.

The Pall Mall site consists of a 2.6-acre site with planning permission for a four to 18 storey mixed-use development scheme. Some works have already been undertaken in relation to demolition of the old buildings and the erection of a concrete frame building. The site had been promoted by NPG as a £90m, 366-apartment scheme, and was designed by Blok Architecture.

It was put up for sale by the Landwood Group, acting for receiver FRP Advisory, in September this year.

After purchasing the site for an undisclosed sum, developer Elliot Group has vowed to “start afresh” on the site with hopes to share a “draft vision” with key stakeholders early next year. This will focus on a mixed-use scheme with both housing and employment use, necessitating the demolition of North Point’s part-built project, which will begin in the New Year.

CGI of the scheme formerly proposed for the Pall Mall site

Elliot Lawless, the group’s director, said the new project would allow the developer to “bring a critical mass of quality to the area which will seal its position as the prime zone for the northern expansion of the city centre,” with the site being only a stone’s throw from Infinity, its £200m three-tower project, the first phase of which is being delivered by Vermont.

“There was some merit to the scheme as a piece of architecture, but we have in mind something much better and which will create more jobs and infrastructure for the city,” he added.  “We need to discuss this with the planners first but hope to be able to submit a planning application in the second quarter of 2019.”

In summer 2017, North Point Global Group issued a statement saying that it was to dispose of its property interests, return deposits to investors and cease operations after “being severely damaged by events that have been neither their responsibility nor within their control”.

Landwood Group is also acting as vendor for Baltic House, a part-built mixed-use development which was being completed in line with a planning application for 150 student units along with commercial units, communal area and service area. The site sits between Norfolk Street and Brick Street.

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Looking forward to seeing the plans. Hopefully they’ll be the tallest towers yet.

By Tall Paul

The Waterfront links are crucial here! Needs to coordinate with the other side of Leeds Street too. Yes, towers I’m sure, but the quality and the landscaping are key! We need a green masterplan for the whole business district area leading through to the old North Shore/Liverpool Waters via Pall Mall. There was ‘Ladies Walk’ from the Old Hall Street area to the shore in the 18th century… bring back a 21st century Greenaway to the Waterfront. Get the Planners working Joe!

By Roscoe

Very welcome news.

By Man on bicycle

More fractional sales – great.

By Mikes mate

Stunned that Primesite haven’t claimed this as their own yet. They usually do.

By tony

Should Elliott Group get permission for this high profile scheme when Aura is already in trouble? If the council do not learn from the past, schemes like this and the New Chinatown/Great George St one are doomed to failure again

By Carl

Does no-one else wonder how Elliot Group manage to fund all this ??????

By Anon

Its a bit unfair to be pinning Forrest’s demise on Elliot Carl. Bigger developers than him i.e. Peel have also had their fingers burnt.

By Oscar

What’s the issue with Aura, Carl? Apart, of course, from the obvious – ie Forrest’s difficulties.

By Sceptical

Elliot Grp should not be taking anything on until it’s made good on the Forrest sites. Giving them permission of such a high profile site when they clearly have issues is not sensible.
PHD/Pinnacle issues across the North West spring to mind – Primesite/CoreM another on Herc Quay. Suggesting caution should be applied to companies who already have problems. Even if they are “temporary”

By Carl

Carl, I have to assume you don’t understand the distinction between a developer (Elliot Group, in this case) and a contractor (Forrest, say) – the latter being hired hands of the former and utterly distinct in legal and ownership terms.

Any problems on Aura will be Forrest’s, vis its well-reported financial difficulties. Elliot Group’s problem is finding a replacement for them which, if Construction Enquirer is to be believed, they have done. And doubtless you’ve seen on Place NW today that they have also replaced Forrest on The Residence in Salford.

With respect, therefore, you’ve got completely the wrong end of the stick. But type away, if it makes you feel better.

By Sceptical


It isn’t a coincidence that they end up in bed with Forrest and Vermont.

If you want to judge a developer look at who they employ to build it.

By Mrqs

Could we see the beginnings of a new commercial direction from Elliot Group, watch this space.

By Lovepool

Nothing wrong with Vermont Mrqs they are a good local contractor with a decent track record. They have a better set up than many of those expensive Tier 1 contractors in the region.

By Oscar