Elliot Group takes over Norton Court project

The Liverpool-based developer has bought a site in Salford’s Greengate, with planning permission for 300 flats across two towers, for £7.1m. The scheme will be renamed The Residence.

Silverlane, a privately owned and financed property company based overseas, announced its plans last year for a £70m development on a surface car park near to the River Irwell and Abito Building. The scheme will be made up of two interconnected buildings of 14 and 33 storeys.

Salford City Council granted planning permission for the Jeffrey Bell-designed project in December.

Falconer Chester Hall has been appointed project architect, and WYG is project manager. Urbanbubble will oversee lettings and block management.

Work is expected to start on site in the summer.

The scheme is Elliot Group’s first in Greater Manchester.

Elliot Lawless, managing director of Elliot Group, said: “We wanted a maiden project that demonstrated our capability and our focus on high quality urban design and when the Greengate site came to us ready-packaged with planning permission we didn’t hesitate.

“Manchester’s market continues to grow as it consolidates its position as Britain’s second city and we’re expecting a very positive response when we launch our global sales campaign for the apartments in the first week of March.”

Cert Property Manchester represented the vendor in the sale.

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Delighted to be working on The Residence and with the Elliot Group with their first (of many) ventures into Manchester. First bit of business with a fellow Blue (sorry Sam) ….let hope we have more success than the toffees!

By Michael Howard

Trinity way could be a stunning boulevard with some decent trees.

By Elephant

Great news! Congratulations to the Elliot Group. Great developer and this is a great scheme.


“Trinity way could be a stunning boulevard with some decent trees.”

Mmm. But it won’t, will it.

By dreamer

Don’t know these guys but surely people should only be referred to as developers when they have developed a scheme – have they??

By Today

Another scheme being sold overseas – how soon before this market drys up or worse – we see the defaults on completions that many are predicting! A free market it may be but isn’t this just sort term profiteering.

By Renter

I’m with Elephant on this. The various schemes coming through along the length of Trinity Way from Boddingtons to Trinity Fields along with appropriate planting and public realm could easily see this become a major boulevard rather than the barrier it is now, stretching the perceived city centre into Chapel St, Crescent, Middlewood, Strangeways and lower Cheetham Hill Rd and cementing Greengate as a central district. Great stuff.

By Intercity

It won’t be though, it’ll just be another “bit” in the grim land of Gregg’s, Pacers and tramps.

By dreamer

These childish trolls are getting tedious.

By Stormer

Interesting to label someone who disagrees with you a “troll”

By dreamer

It’s not interesting, you are a troll.

By Stormer

This area hasn’t been developed as a “place” with a coherent sense of identity. To say “it would be nice to have some trees and make it a boulevard” is completely whimsical: you could say it about any road.

Places in this bit of the city centre will sell either way, and that’s really all that matters. Its clear there is no aspiration for any part of the city centre, with the possible exception of New Islington in its early days, to create an attractive environment to live.

Troll indeed.

By dreamer

All I said was that with a few trees Trinity way could turn into a nice avenue.It has turned into another Salford bashing(makes a change from Liverpool) bashing session.There are about half a dozen big developments on or off Trinity way.What has Greggs got to do with it? Presumably it suggests that people on that side of the Irwell are not used to much?

By Elephant

Slightly concerned for Greengate present. With the other Renaker scheme now in for approval we are clustering near identical PRS tower blocks around Trinity Way. Green space needed – looks nice on the image above, but in line with Dreamer’s (sorry, Troll’s) comments :-) I doubt there will be any green space left. Salford council are just generating as much cash per sq ft as poss.


Renaker are planning to introduce green space here between the towers and greengate square. They own pretty much all of the car parks here now. They also plan to introduce bars and restaurants around here, they very much want it to be a neighbourhood.

By M McCall

The area is a disgrace it needs a miracle.. Chav central

By Glenn

Chapel street will be the next Northern Quarter in ten years.One decent venue and the rest will follow.

By Elephant