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Electricity projects longlisted for green funding  

Dan Whelan

Increasing network capacity around Manchester’s Oxford Road Corridor and the 24-acre Mayfield regeneration are among schemes Electricity North West has earmarked to receive a share of its £15m Green Recovery Fund. 

The firm, which operates the region’s electricity network, has put forward 11 projects that it believes could improve the efficiency and boost the capacity of the network in certain areas – although funding decisions have yet to be finalised. 

While some projects are aimed at facilitating large developments, such as the £1.4bn Mayfield scheme, others are proposed to support the UK’s aim of becoming net-zero carbon by 2050.

The longlist of projects drawn up by Electricity North West includes the implementation of electric vehicle charging points at Birch, Lancaster and Todhills service stations, as well as a proposal to install heat pumps into social housing estates and tower blocks in Greater Manchester. 

The energy provider has launched a public consultation through which people can vote on which of the projects should be prioritised for funding.

U+I Mayfield (4)

Increasing network capacity around Mayfield is one of the projects proposed by Electricity North West

Respondents can also suggest additional schemes that might benefit from the Green Recovery Fund. 

The consultation will run until 19 March before a shortlist of projects is sent to the energy regulator, Ofgem, which will announce the successful projects in April. 

The longlist is as follows:

  • Strategic reinforcement of the network in the North Carlisle area
  • Strategic reinforcement of the network in the Lancaster/Forton area
  • Strategic reinforcement of the network in the Heywood/Birch area
  • Pre-Sense low-voltage network monitoring programme
  • Enablement works to support electric heating in Greater Manchester
  • Network reinforcements for EV charging hubs and on-street parking across the North West
  • Strategic reinforcement in the Carlisle/Morton area
  • Monitoring of high-density low-carbon technologies in the Godley Green Garden Village area, Greater Mchester
  • Strategic reinforcements around the Mayfield regeneration project in central Manchester
  • Strategic reinforcements around the regeneration of the Blackfriars area of central Manchester
  • Strategic reinforcements around the Southern Gateway area of central Manchester

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