Eden Project North Grimshaw
Eden North in Morecambe will attract a million visitors a year

Eden outlines visitor attractions at £85m Morecambe site

The head of Eden Project International has revealed details of the different visitor zones planned for the £85m attraction proposed at Morecambe Bay.

Si Bellamy, head of Eden Project International, gave an update on the project at the North Lancs Expo in Lancaster, which is set to combine indoor and outdoor spaces themed around the natural sea and beach environment.

Like the Eden Project in Cornwall, Eden Project North would be built in a series of zones aimed at creating an immersive visitor experience.

These zones would be housed in the mussel shell-shaped domes revealed in pictures of the Grimshaw-designed Eden Project North, linked together with an entrance area known as the Bay Hall.

The Above the Bay area will be filled with plants and art exhibits, showcasing natural abundance and rhythms of life linked to the sun.

Below the Bay will be a series of theatrical experiences based around lunar rhythms and tides.

The Natural Sanctuary will focus on health-giving aspects of the seaside with bookable wellbeing treatments, while the Natural Observatory will be the home of Eden Project North’s research and education programmes.

Eden also plans to create satellite elements on the promenade which runs along Morecambe’s seafront as well as on the sands of the Bay itself.

Bellamy said: “We are very excited to finally be able to reveal some of our ideas for the content and interior of Eden Project North. We know that the community have been keen to hear more and we hope that these new details energise people in Morecambe as much as they have us.”

Eden estimates that Eden Project North will attract around 760,000 visitors per year, but will be designed to accommodate up to a million, with a daily capacity of 4,000 people. The plan is for tickets to be issued for specific times to ensure a smooth flow of visitors through the project.

Eden Project North would have a 4,000-capacity outdoor arena designed for live music and entertainment.

A detailed public and stakeholder consultation is due to start soon and Eden aims to submit a planning application for the project in spring 2020. Eden began the planning process in June this year by submitting its environmental impact assessment scoping report to Lancaster City Council.

The project is due to open in spring 2023, following a two-year construction period.

Eden Project International is working with Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Lancaster University, Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council to deliver Eden Project North. Each of these has contributed £250,000 towards the cost of designing and planning. This is in addition to £100,000 pledged by the Government.

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Great news that this is being spread along the Promendade. Dare we hope that the derelict site at Frontierland can be utilised?

By BLS Bob

4000 people per day travelling down Morecambe Road nightmare.

By T. O. Small

Better than nobody , the last time i went to Morecambe even the shops that were open were boarded up.

By Barny

I have no wish to view this ‘attraction’ and if as I am lead to believe parking along the Promenade will be severely restricted (except for blue badge holders) and Park and Ride implemented I WILL NOT be visiting Morecambe after Eden is built. Pity. Has the council looked at the impact of making Morecambe dependant on this one attraction. People will visit it only once.

By Jeannie

While at Lancaster Uni, I worked at Morecambe Leisure Park in the year it opened on this site. I think that was 1980. It was a shame to see it close down. But it would be great to see the Eden Project open up there. I hope it gets approval.

By Steve Chinn

It’s with no surprise at all that I read the doom and gloom merchants’ comments. What’s wrong with Tea Dances, and bathing huts eh?

By Eric

@Jeannie. At the moment people don’t even visit Morecambe once. At least give them a reason to visit. A welcoming attitude also helps gets visitors into an area. Just a tip.

By Anon

“I won’t go to Morecambe because I won’t be able to park on the Promenade directly near an attraction I won’t visit”, is one of the more, um, *interesting* takes I’ve seen on this website.

By Sceptic

It’s great to see something coming to Morecambe but have they looked at the impact it will have on small business’s when they have pedestrianised the prom. Also the weather in winter is so wild no one ventures anywhere near the prom, I don’t think they have thought everything through properly.

By Bob

Brilliant for morecambe a great place to live and visit

By Gary howard

Perhaps instead of driving everywhere people should walk, cycle and take public transport instead. There are plenty of successful examples of pedestrianised public space, and in many cases they are far nicer than the polluted and severed environments created by car-dominated spaces.

By Anonymous

Lucking forward to it. Morecambe needs it

By S heath

I’m glad. There won’t be parking on prom. We are sick of people using our town. As a free car park I live in Heysham. And am sick of campervans. Sleeping overnight in front of our house obstructing our beautiful sea views

By S heath

I’ve been to Morecambe once. If/when this is built, I’d visit once a year. It can only be a good idea really. Can’t it?

By Bob Alatt

Looks really good, I was at a preview in Lancaster last week. I hope it brings prosperity to Morecambe and beyond.

By Eric

In London places like the Tower of London is a lot cheaper for residents that live there, so could we have the same priverlge in Morecambe.

By Susan

great news for Morecambe glad to see it up and coming again. We have continued to visit over the years but it does need a boost.

By J McK

What a bunch of moaners! Ooh diddums, there’s going to be some extra traffic… surely you can deal with that when you think of the massive cash injection this new attraction will make to the local economy. Honestly, some people are never happy!!

By Steve

For those people saying they “have no wish to view this” or wish to visit..that’s fine, with the expected amount of people expected will no doubt make up for the few who are not interested or have no vision for Morecambe in the future and just want the town to stay where it is…If you have no positive outlook for the town or any interest in anything new then I suggest you shut up or move away….

By SandmanUK

Spent many a happy time in Morecambe. Born in Lancaster and now live near Peterborough
Really sad to see its demise over the years.i really hope that the Eden Project will breathe new life into once was a proud resort visited by many buy subsequently by few because of lack of investment. Get the theater open also and bring back the visitors

By Paul Manning

I’m curious as to whether or not they intend to leave the lighthouse intact

By C McGowan

A 4,000 capacity outdoor arena on Morecambe seafront; perhaps the town’s football team should play there instead. The town doesn’t have the associated infrastructure necessary for this, although the South Lakeland zoo could perhaps accommodate any white elephants.

By Eric Luton

Having lived in Plymouth and visited the Eden Project nr St Blazey in Cornwall numerous times, not only to absorb the wonderful bio domes, but to also see live bands play during what they call Eden Sessions. The project was initially an idea to incorporate the local landscape, but to also utilise an old disused open mine, and therefore making use of the landscape. The project in Morecambe will also make use of the ideally sited Bubbles venue, encompassing the landscape and the local fishery industry i.e. cockles / mussels etc…
The Eden team wouldn’t have picked morecambe to run a project if they knew it wouldn’t work; give it chance, it may open an eye or two?

By Jaswanny

I visit Morcombe two or three times a year and must say that I am looking forward to the new attraction. I hope they will work along side the Winter Gardens in some way.

By Lyndi

This is great news for Morecambe and let’s hope the mourners stay away

By Sean M

I am an artist and teacher living in Lancaster and would like to get involved. Christine

By Christine Stanford

Wonderful idea I would love to visit it with my grandchildren.

By Marjie

So Morecambe has slowly deteriorated since I’ve known it and some people are saying this project will destroy it.
Anything positive is good all the talk of not being able to park on the promenade is pathetic and a minor change in respect of what it will do for the town.
The world is changing fast and as a seaside resort it will only get worse in Morecambe.
I say bring it on along with all those visitors and get Morecambe booming again.
As for anyone who declares never to come here then I say it’s your loss.

By Colin Burgess

I think this is a great idea, bringing Morecambe back to its former glory. Let’s hope LCC doesn’t get greedy and start charging ridiculous rates for shops, like they do in Lancaster. Or it will be dull of Gregg’s and bet Freds.

I hear LCC is buying up old boarded up shops, to do them up, for rental. Don’t be greedy LCC! I also hear landlords are now buying up homes in Morecambe in preparation for no doubt obnoxious rental hikes. I hope LCC is putting in contingency plans for parking and public transport. I hope LCC also gives insentives for locals of the bay area. LCC has a habit of selling out for usually student money. I suspect the locals of the bay area will be ignored.

By Unknown

I have lived in Morecambe for 19 years, and I have seen it get better and better…
I truly believe this is a fantastic opportunity for Morecambe .. And I’m so looking forward to this venture coming here .. Morecambe is a beautiful place .. And can and will get better ..with positivity and open minds ..

By Sam Jones

What they are putting in the Eden project isn’t going to attract people after one visit that will be it so already a waste of time and money there the younger generation won’t want to go there after they seen it once it won’t be worth it and bet tickets are gonna be over priced more then likely it just sounds like a big waste of land as its not thought through probably clearly it’ll suit some people but not many I don’t think in my opinion and is this a start for lancaster Council to knuckle down and actually get morecambe tidy and clean and get shops in and suit this arndale out that looks like a run down centre with nothing going for it??

By Richard

There are few resorts in Britain which have better views but the shopping centre looks like a shanty town. How has Lancaster council allowed this to happen to a town which once had a Sadlers Wells season? Depressing to see and a really embarrassing indictment of how Westminster treats coastal towns. As the Inner cities boom, these towns are the new slum areas.

By Elephant

I Lived in Morecambe till I was 23 it was great until everybody when started abroad that’s when it deteriorated I have great memories it needs something to the boost the town

By Peter

Large parts of Morecambe only yards from the promenade resemble a slum, largely influenced by absentee landlords and an inexorable decline that nobody has shown the desire or ability to arrest.

Before taking on a behemoth project like this Morecambe needs to get the rest of its house in order; how will the rest of the town benefit, car park charges aside, when very little money will be spent in decent shops and accommodation when there is barely any to begin with? I don’t see the artist’s impression including Queen Street, for example.

Another ‘cart before horse’ project.

By James Bentley

I think this project will be amazing for Morecambe. I’ve lived here all my life and I’m 70 now…I’ve seen its ups & downs, and it’s downs have given me such sadness. I sincerely hope the Eden project will lift us out of the ‘forgotten seaside town syndrome’ and bring life back into the town….it’s certainly needed! Keep up the good work Si Bellamy and hope you get the funding secured. All the best.

By Mo J

Wow, some proper moaning going on here. Embrace change, don’t fight it. You might like it!

By J Hollinrake

Sounds like S heath wants to keep this all to themselves get a life! Morecombe and the NW deserves this, better than curtain twitching, traffic lights changing mentality.


Wonderful hope this really happens. Been coming here for over 30 years and now spend 7months here in wee caravan. Have seen so many positive changes around and in Morecambe in last few years. The Eden project would be such a great asset.

By Anne Boistelle

I think it would be more appropriate to design it along the existing one with modifications

By David Hall

I am going to Eden Cornwall next weekend can’t wait for this one in Morecambe good luck everyone x

By So Williams.

I do not want this Eden project at this site….put it anywhere else but keep off the beachside. Our bay views are spectacular…people come from afar to enjoy our promenade…we don’t need your eyesore pimple on our beach …go put it somewhere else…There are numerous vacant derelict sites away from the front promenade. Your project is not likely to improve trade for businesses in Morecambe but will probably divert it into your own on site cafes and souvenirs shops. People will be channelled directly to the Eden project by road closures that will impede traffic to other businesses. There are many seaside towns who have been destroyed by greedy businesses pushing in front and building in front of existing promenades thereby killing the economy….take a trip to Rhyll in Wales for a classic example of poor town planning. The whole promenade lies in the shadow of businesses squeezed on the front. The existing businesses fail and the whole area becomes a dirty derelict boarded up paradise for delinquents….not somewhere anyone would want to visit.

By Sandy

Morecambe is beautiful,Im so happy it will be reaching its full potential once again,Morecambe born & bread,have never wanted to leave.
I cannot understand people’s negativity..

By Linda Regan Riding

Wish it every success. The prom can once again be a vibrant focus for the much needed, imaginative regeneration of this for too long neglected town.

By Andy

Why on earth would anyone object to such a wonderful initiative for Morecambe and Heysham? Careful design will highlight and draw attention to the wonderful bay and teach local people more about the delights of their ever changing landscape. I guess the objectors don’t value a fantasticl educational opportunity for their children and grandchildren, a direct contribution to jobs and the local economy, a chance to upgrade a run-down area and build on the great work that has been done recently on the seafront. Why would people visit it only once? If it is accessible and affordable and updates with new events and exhibitions it could become a regular visit for locals. And as for losing parking – we need to lose private vehicle use around this area if we are to get any where close to our carbon emissions targets. There are many reasons to build on existing public transport and limit car use to those with special and specific needs.

By Ann

It’s good to see something new come to the town, I’m sure parking will be accommodated for at the new attraction. I travel at least every 10 days to morecambe to shop at lidl as its the closest to my town of barrow-in-furness, but I’ve regularly gone on a Sunday forv over 30 years, seen the demise of the promenade and its subsequent refurbishment, its a pity that like a lot of towns there are a lot of boarded up shops, I wish morecambe well and I will be there to see the new attraction.

By Glenda