Dylan Harvey boss robbed at knifepoint

Toby Whittaker, whose Dylan Harvey Residential business collapsed last year owing creditors £6.5m, was attacked by a masked gang at his home in Lancashire on Thursday night.

Whittaker, 32, was beaten up and his family threatened when six men burst into their £1.5m home in Read, near Blackburn.

The armed robbers forced his wife and their four children to hide under a dining table while he was assaulted before the gang fled with jewellery. The gang used Whittaker's £60,000 Audi Q7 4×4 car for their getaway.

Police said the investigation into the raid would include examining whether former business associates or creditors may be behind the attack.

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makes you ask more questions about Dylan Harvey the company doesn’t it? I wonder what Neptune make of all this…

By cynic

haven’t seen any stats but i also reckon armed robberies will be on the increase during the recession. seems to have been a few more bank jobs in the newspaper of late. it was a fading criminal pastime in the past 20 years as police had shoot to kill powers.

By greg

I suspect this was just a Debt Recovery Agency in action, Salford style.

By Dave

What goes around comes around!!!!!!

The thief deserve it….

By Glad