Duke Street Car Park
Car park on the corner of Duke Street and Slater Street set to be the site of the 250-bedroom hotel

Duke Street set for £30m hotel

Legacie Developments has revealed plans for its first hotel in Liverpool, a 250-bedroom scheme on the site of a car park on Duke Street.

A planning application for the proposal, which is being designed by Falconer Chester Hall, is set to be submitted in the coming weeks, with hopes for approval in time to allow a start on site in late summer 2019.

Legacie has delivered a number of residential schemes across the city, including Ropemaker Place on Renshaw Street, Reliance House on Water Street and the forthcoming Parliament Square development in the Baltic Triangle.

Legacie Developments founder, John Morley, said: “We are very excited to be bringing forward proposals which will help finish the remaining chapter of Duke Street’s regeneration story. Our hotel development will add to the burgeoning offer of restaurants, bars and independent chains which already exist.

“The car park has been a real blight in the area for far too long, and a hotel will not only alleviate the lack of top quality hotel rooms available but will help drive additional footfall and boost the local economy.

“I believe our proposals will help inject some excitement into what has proved to be an incredibly popular part of the city centre in recent years.”

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Great news. There is real confidence in the liverpool region.
However, one area I would suggest that needs to be improved is airport access. It’s a direr situation that there is no direct access by local or national network trains.
Also lack of flights anyway other than low cost airline destinations in Europe.
The growth in air travel and consumers is in Asia, North America, India and Africa. We need direct access to these areas. We do that and growth in business and jobs will eclipse what we have now.

By Stuart wood

This will crown Duke Street’s regeneration. Please make sure the quality of the materials are right. The brickwork at the Elliot (Epic Hotel) development is very good.
I agree with the previous commentator about the airport. All the pieces are now either in placed, or scheduled, to cement Liverpool’s reputation as one of the most exciting cites in the world. Get the direct link to the airport planned in (Merseyrail extension from South Parkway junctions will be fine for now – less than a couple of miles – do-able!). The rest will follow; much more business; much more tourism; lots of jobs!

By Roscoe

Feels like the city has been on the cusp on something great for years. I do believe that the scales have finally dropped. And from now on will only excellerate.

By LCR Resident

Another one for the list, let’s hope it gets built?

By Boom boom, book a room

A developer that is delivering on thier promises is welcome indeed. Legacie are a cut above the charlatans that have gone before. Congratulations to them on their continuing success.

By Carl

Great, BUT the article states that Ropemaker Place is completed. It isn’t. Its been shrouded in scaffold for months with no progress whatsoever.Would be nice to complete this before focussing elsewhere – last thing Liverpool needs is another half finished site!


Ropemaker place was busy yesterday. @CMW

By Anonymous

Good man, John Morley!

Duke Street and environs really are shaping up now and this will take out the one large piece of remaining blight. It’s just in-fill after that, which will be hastened by good quality developments of the like Legacie deliver.

Liverpool is really shaping up to be a really interesting place for visitors to explore and discover and fixing Duke Street, given that it’s the axis between Liverpool ONE, Chinatown and the other cathedral, is key to progress.

By Sceptical

Great opportunity at the top of Duke Street, 1st large building after Yuet Ben, where the street becomes Upper Duke Street. This building, with the Chinese supermarket in the basement, is the gateway to the cathedral but the upper floors I suspect are hardly used; scope for complete refurb with extension on top I’d say. Think it’s in local (Chinese) ownership. Good opportunity for Liverpool’s Chinese community for a ‘landmark’ development facing the Arch?

By Roscoe

Hondo Supermarket,now closed due for redevelopment as student accommodation I believe.
My old friend used to own it, he was Spokesperson for LCA.
It used to be a bakery before Hondo’s.

By Mr Wong's Laundry

We need local people not here today gone tomorrow

By Anonymous

Good to hear anon. It doesn’t change the fact that this development isn’t finished as the article claims though and that the progress has been painfully slow – hopefullly that’s not representative of the developer and their approach in how they deliver this equally important site


Total waste if time and money

By Stephen David Austin

@Stephen David Austin you’re chatting absolute waffle…

By L19

Too many developers in Liverpool announcing new developments before existing ones are completed. People are not stupid and can see with their own eyes whether a project is complete or not. The city requires professionally executed jobs of real quality; not hastily rushed jobs which are not done to standard.

The word luxury is much over-used. There is very little in the city that has been done to actual luxury standards. Some locals may be flattered and impressed, but those with a more discerning eye won’t be. You can fool some people some of the time…….


@JA – What’s wrong with announcing new projects while others are still ongoing? The ‘luxury standards’ you refer to do not exist. Luxury is subjective and is also a word not used anywhere in the above article.

By NWPlanner

About time, this area is a hole

By Maggie

*@JA – What’s wrong with announcing new projects while others are still ongoing? The ‘luxury standards’ you refer to do not exist. Luxury is subjective and is also a word not used anywhere in the above article.*

The problem arises when a developer says a scheme is completed and delivered, but it isn’t. Too many jobs, done in a rush. Not professional. In Liverpool we’ve seen all of this before, on many occasions.It would be naive to take everything at face value.

By Anonymous

Yes, there is problem with Signature Living not finishing things off: Shankley Hotel; offices to flats in Old Hall Street etc; but I think people may be getting the wrong end of the stick on this one. The development behind Ropemaker Place on Oldham Square was immediately before this one and they ran into each other. This one’s not been on site all that long.
Duke Street, by the way is coming on beautifully these days and deserves its place as part of the Liverpool World Heritage Site. Make sure this hotel is constructed at least as well as Elliot Group’s Seel Street Hotel!

By Roscoe

*Yes, there is problem with Signature Living not finishing things off: Shankley Hotel; offices to flats in Old Hall Street etc; but I think people may be getting the wrong end of the stick on this one*

It is not just Signature Living, though, is it? The development at Herculaneum Quay stands testimony to that – after taking the life savings of a number of people, who thought they were simply buying off plan apartments. That same company is now marketing another development on the Strand, the front of which has been re-clad, and the now ubiquitous roof top extension built, but the rear of which looks anything but finished. In fact sources say the developer is currently having ‘money difficulties’. How can it be possible for a developer to do this? Abandon one development, and then start another?

Until companies have a track record of quality and successful delivery, then it would be naive to greet new announcements with excitement.

By Anonymous

I thought the illustration showed opposite the Monroe? It is a lovely area of town but needs a lot of help. You can go from Duke St – and then cut through Slater St to get to Bold Street and it is totally awful! Then if you walk from Bold St along Lime Street that turns into a hole again! Needs some thinking!

By Mary Smiley

But it is exiting to see so many hotels coming on stream n the Ropewalks. Who would have thought it 20 years ago. And Seal Street is looking good…, and Duke Street will too if we encourage the right development.

By Roscoe