Duchy of Lancaster chief to stand down

Paul Clarke, chief executive and Clerk of the Duchy Council, will stand down when his term of office expires in August 2013.

Clarke has been in post since 2000, leading an executive team that is responsible for managing The Queen's private portfolio of land and property, which covers approximately 45,000 acres. He reports directly to Lord Shuttleworth, Chairman of the Duchy Council.

Clarke confirmed that he is not leaving for another job and until next August, it is business as usual at the Duchy of Lancaster. He said: "I have very much enjoyed my time at the Duchy and seeing the organisation evolve, particularly working with our tenants to help make their businesses as productive and viable as possible. After 13 years however, I feel it is time to move on and let someone else bring some fresh thought to the Duchy of Lancaster.

"The time for goodbyes is a very long way off so until that time, I will continue to work with my team to serve the Duchy and The Queen to safeguard the Duchy inheritance for the benefit of future generations of British Sovereigns."

Lord Shuttleworth, Chairman of the Duchy Council added: "We were saddened to hear of Paul's decision. He continues to steer the Duchy with a deft touch through these troubled economic times and will be sorely missed."

The Duchy Council will be starting the process of recruiting a successor in September 2012.
Lands and properties are administered in five separate units known as surveys, including the:

  • Lancashire survey
  • Yorkshire survey
  • Crewe and South survey including Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire
  • Needwood Survey in Staffordshire
  • Urban survey, the commercial portfolio comprising an urban estate on the site of the old Savoy Palace, near the Strand, London, as well as individual and groups of properties throughout England.

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