DTZ appointed to Arndale Tower

The Equality & Human Rights Commission has appointed DTZ to dispose of part of its office in Arndale Tower, Manchester.

As part of the EHRC's estate strategy, the second-floor 10,257 sq ft suite has been identified as surplus accommodation. EHRC will continue to occupy the third floor.

Arndale Tower is located in Manchester city centre above the Arndale Shopping Centre, close to Market Street. The office space is available at a quoting rent of £15 per sq ft.

Rob Prescott, surveyor at DTZ, said: "Arndale Tower is a landmark building in a superb location. The big unique selling point for this space is the high quality existing fit-out. This will provide a huge saving on the relocation cost for potential occupiers."

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… and Blaze Marketing are delighted to be involved in the marketing too !

By Blaze

Fabulous location, but I think a facelift of the externals is desperately needed!

By Daniel Hulse

Rob Prescott, surveyor at DTZ, said: "Arndale Tower is a landmark building in a superb location…" No it’s not. It’s a tired-looking mess, in a drab off-yellow colour, which contributes nothing of merit to the Manchester skyline. Location’s OK, I suppose, but they’re not exactly queuing up to get in there, are they? So, no, location probably ain’t a big seller either.

By Poit

Poit, I think that if you actually knew anything about anything, you would know that Arndale House ( to give it its proper name) is over 80% let with over 1750 people working in the building.

By Real Dan

Luckily DTZ only have the one floor to let in there, then.

By Bert Copost

Alright, I’ll concede on the occupany statistics. But, scroll up the page and look at the image of Arndale House. Then report back your honest opinion about Rob Prescott’s statement that it is a "landmark building".

By Poit

I don’t think that beauty is one of the critical elements to being a landmark? Simply being immediately recognisable from various points would suffice, would it not?

By Alan Red

… Or simply being prominent would satisfy the label of "landmark", as in to mark the land.

By Poitless

People call Beetham Tower a landmark bulding yet look at the horrible mess that is! Hardly architectural genius creating that monstrosity. Just because something isnt pleasing to the eye doesnt meant it cant be classed as a landmark


I’m more impressed that they managed to get the photo on a sunny day etc etc etc