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Drone footage shows Circle Square developing

Circle Square, the £750m development taking shape on the former BBC site on Manchester’s Oxford Road, is going to have a serious impact on the city over the next few years – and Place North West can share with you exclusive drone footage of work in progress.

The footage shows how the first element, phase 1A, is coming together. This phase, comprising 604 Vita Student apartments housing 744 students, will be completed in summer 2017.

Ana Vieitez, marketing manager for Circle Square, said: “There is no blueprint for Circle Square; we are creating a vibrant, collaborative and connected place that will bring together forward-thinking people and progressive businesses.

“Works are moving forward with great momentum and it’s very exciting to see phase 1A taking shape. We look forward to welcoming our Vita Student residents, who are set to arrive in the accommodation next year”.

Bruntwood and Select Property Group are the development partners in Circle Square. In September, a revised planning application was submitted for a 430,000 sq ft block comprising a 150-bedroom hotel, a 1,100-space car park and a heating and power centre.

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Why do all these Central places seem to be for students? Are we going to finish up with another ghetto on Oxford Road,like we have on the Wilmslow road? They already have that silly tower behind the station and First street.

By Elephant

Student housing takes students out of family housing and gives it back to the families. It improves standards, drives quality, controls / manages and the brings up reputation of our city. It underpins the economy. Back in yer box Elemoan.


Agree with JDW. And with circa 100,000 students across three universities making our City vibrant and full of talent – they need somewhere decent to live!

By The Old Faithful

Agree with the above. Student accommodation is also only one part of Circle Square. Feel free to look into the development before commenting.

By Anonymous

Oh please. Students make our city vibrant, hence Fallowfield, Withington and Victoria Park, areas full of neglected rundown housing stock and overflowing bins, rented out by landlords making a quick buck. I would rather those areas were repatriated by families.

By Elephant

Some of you people need to get out of Didsbury for a day and see the real Manchester. It isn’t all strawberries and cream and Waitrose.

By Elephant

Whilst the whole development seems, on the face of it, a good thing, can’t help but feel that once again Mcr is greenlighting the overdevelopment of a space. The public realm will be limited and squeezed between these massive blocks. I understand that there is always the commercial consideration, just seems a shame that Mcr always seems to end up with behemoth developments (with “clever” names like Circle Square (see what they did there?) or the Green Quarter (please!)) that squeeze any public realm to the limit..

Agree with the comments re student accommodation. In fairness lots of student properties in Withington seem to be up for sale..

By John