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Developer reveals designs for £65m Sale town centre revamp

Charlie Schouten

Maloneview showcased its plans to transform Sale’s The Square Shopping Centre at a well-attended public consultation in the town on 16 November.

The £65m plan for Sale’s ageing The Square shopping centre includes partial demolition of the existing shopping centre and replacing it with a six-screen cinema, up to 37,000 sq ft of retail, and as many as 205 residential units.

The plans, designed by SimpsonHaugh, landscape architect Exterior Architecture, and supported by Barton Willmore as planner, were on display at the public consultation at the shopping centre, along with proposed next steps for the project.

Maloneview hopes to have plans for the project submitted by the end of the year. Following potential planning approval in spring, the developer is hoping to start on site in 2018, and has already had a number of contractors enquiring about the project.

It is understood the developer would favour a larger regional or medium-sized national contractor to build the project, rather than a major national firm.

For the residential element of the scheme, many of the apartments will be housed in the building’s two main towers, but there will also be townhouses along the development’s Sibson Road frontage, with more townhouses being considered at the site following the consultation process.

Operators have already expressed an interest in the cinema element, which will sit on the corner of Sibson Road and Springfield Road.

Sale Square Regen 1

The residential element of the scheme includes apartments and townhouses

While the development is not yet fully funded, Maloneview said it was “looking at a wide range of options” to get the project off the ground.

The redevelopment of The Square will also link closely with Trafford Council’s planned overhaul of public realm across the town, which is being designed by Planit IE and Civic Engineers. The developer said both design teams will work together closely to ensure the proposals fit together.

Consultation on the plans – which have been well received so far, according to the developer – mark welcome progress at the site, which has been owned by Maloneview for 10 years.

Previous options considered included a major retail development on much of The Square and the adjacent land, as well as the replacement of the existing Tesco store, but the developer admitted that these “wouldn’t have been right” for the area.

Following consultation, planning, and construction, the project will be complete by 2021.

Residents and local businesses still have the chance to give their views on the plans at a further consultation event at The Square in Sale on Saturday 18 November between 11am and 3pm.

Sale Town Centre Model

A model of the proposals was on display at the consultation in Sale town centre

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So much grey.

By Aaron

“It is understood the developer would favour a larger regional or medium-sized national contractor to build the project, rather than a major national firm.” – anyone know why this might be the case?

By Interesting...

If the cinema is to be built on the existing multi-storey car park and 200 extra homes are to be built, where are the additional parking facilities to be situated? Does Sale really benefit from a cinema when there are 4 large cinema complexes within 10 minutes drive?
A covered market and space for local independents would be very much valued by many residents.

By Sale resident

Really dull… façade needs a re-think

By Therealist

Sale resident, pretty much all of Sale town centre is ‘space for local independents’ – this provides something different.

A cinema would keep people in the town on an evening and bring with it F&B operators who would not otherwise look at Sale. Not sure about the design of the residential bit, but the commercial stuff could transform the place. It needs it.

By Another Sale Resident

I’m sure they would much rather a regional contractor build it as opposed to a bloated national contractor it will be much cheaper!!

By BDay

Worse that altair in ALTY.

By Phil Maycock

It looks like wythenshawe 1960s dont like

By Ant

If this developer builds 200 house why is himor still building on the Moss and farm fields, as well as national grid planning to build 600 houses on there land, is this all for refugees??

By Joanne Fogarty


Put your copy of the Daily Mail down for just one second. Of course they’re not for refugees, how stupid can you get?

By Anonymous

This is a great idea. Anything is better than what is there now. The centre is dying and isn’t somewhere that anyone would choose to visit.

By Brooklands Resident

This is far to high and is not in keeping with the areas other building heights.
And will put even more strain on local resources.
Don’t flat pack sale!

By Kgibbison

I can’t see what’s old and being kept and what’s new. I can’t tell what I’m looking at. School road, once beautiful Edwardian facades is an ugly, bland mix of buildings from different erasat the moment. Something needs to be done to revamp the facades and unify them somehow. Plus encourage something other than junk shops to take units

By Liz Thompson

Not the best of ideas. I deffinatly feel sale needs revamp but a cinema & 200 new home. For one we really dont need any more cinemas there a 4 working easy reach Alti, Trafford Centre, Lowry & Gmex. Secondly if only a 3rd of those who occupy the 200 homes had children. With the average of 2 children that’s roughly 120 school places needed in our already oversubscribed school. Not forgetting GO practices these people need to sign up to. I’d much prefer to see something a little smaller scale in keeping with near the waterside. Food and drink places possible a handful of high street shops like next, river island, h&m, a larger boots. Aswell as independent shops, food & drink market. How ever has all this money needs to spend it much more wisely could very easily ruin a lovely leafy little town.

By Gina Dee

It looks hideous and cold. Where are the green spaces? I think a cinema is a great idea but why not redevelop the beautiful old building on Washway Rd opposite M&S?

By Jill Hodgkinson

A disappointing start. For the budget, time and disruption involved I would have expected something brighter and more imaginative. So far – a long overdue opportunity looks about to be missed. A shame.

By Graham King

Much improved aspect to Sibson Road which is currently very unwelcoming. I’m also glad to see the break through from the square onto Sibson Road so it is no longer a dead-end. There is a lot of height, but then I think it’s important to get as many homes within reach of tram stops as possible to reduce car use and stop urban sprawl. Nice to see the car parking well-hidden beneath the terracing of the residential block.

By Dan

Anything would be an improvement on the current offer. Sale needs much better leisure options and this is a positive contribution to the process. The overall plan may need tweaking here and there but let’s not get all NIMBY about this and lose sight of the clear opportunity it provides

By Brooklands resi

I own a flat on Sibson Rd that is apparently going to be demolished???? No-one has yet to contact me re: the redevelopment. It would be polite!!!!!!!! ☹ Remember it is people homes, lives and future you are messing with.

By Flat owner Sibson

Sale town centre is looking very run down .
As a mother of two children , I would love to see sale have a cinema for the local children . Also we are in need of more high street shops and restaurants.
The house prices in Sale are up there with Timperley & Altrincham So I think it’s about time we got the town centre to match!!

By Sarah

The problem is Sarah, Sale is competing with Altrincham, the city centre and of course the Trafford Centre. There’s only so many shops and restaurants to go around. Urmston is doing well though.

By BenG


By Sad