Copperas Hill Police Station Feb19 Plan

Developer looks to expand Copperas Hill student scheme

Plans approved in May 2018 for 220 apartments on the site of the Copperas Hill police station in Liverpool are to be superceded should a fresh application be approved.

An application for 294 apartments in a block that will be nine storeys at its highest point has been submitted by The Planning Studio for Liverpool Edge (Copperas Hill), with the scheme set to include 35 clusters of apartments.

Each cluster will have its own dedicated security door and managed facilities. The scheme provides a landscaped courtyard area, accessed from Marquis Street, which will also provide access to the building for servicing and cycle storage.

In May last year, Cerda Planning secured approval for 220 apartments at the site for client Study Inn, a development designed by the Design Buro that would have been part six and part seven storeys. This itself was an update from a project for 206 flats approved in August 2017.

Liverpool Edge’s directors are listed as Alan Beer and David Brewitt, experienced developers in the city with much of their work done under the Carpenter Investments banner. Brewitt also runs the Hope Street Hotel business. The group also includes Carpenter Build and managing agent Urban Sleep, which is in line to manage Copperas Hill pending approval. .

The Copperas Hill scheme, which also fronts Marquis Street and Moor Place, is designed by the group’s in-house architect L7. Rob Burns is acting as heritage advisor.

According to the design and access statement filed by L7, the proposal improves on Design Buro’s approved scheme in several areas, including a greater volume of filly DDA-compliant rooms, and all rooms being above ground level. The project is also fully within the police station and car park boundary as it stands, unlike the previous scheme the applicant said.

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High quality visualisation…

By Julie Ann Baptiste

As long as Tomlinson and Primesite aren’t involved

By Carl

Ricky Tomlinson?

By Mikes mate

Surprised Carpinter Investments are putting a planning application in. It makes a nice change.

By hernia

They can’t be accused of overselling the project through fancy CGIs. That drawing isn’t even square

By Bob Allatt