Deansgate Station

Developer chosen for £100m Deansgate station overhaul

Jessica Middleton-Pugh

Henry Boot Developments has been selected by Network Rail as the preferred partner for a £100m transformation of Manchester’s Deansgate railway station.

The redevelopment will see the existing grade two-listed station building retained, with works undertaken to enhance the entrance, refresh the layout and improve accessibility. There is also a wider commercial scheme planned alongside the station, although details are yet to be revealed.

The project is in its early stages, and an advisory team is set to be appointed.

Other Henry Boot projects in Manchester city centre include Kampus, a £250m mixed-use scheme in a joint venture with Capital & Centric, Silk Works, Equitable Building and the Island site on John Dalton Street; set to be a commercial development in partnership with Greater Manchester Pension Fund.

Adam Brady, director and head of Henry Boot’s Manchester office, said: “There is such a lot happening in this part of the city and this site really stands out as a missed opportunity. This is an incredibly exciting project with huge potential. It’s a transformation that will deliver a vastly more pleasant experience for passengers travelling through the station, and also something really special on the adjoining land and buildings.

“HBD has built a really strong team in Manchester who all live, work and play here and are totally committed to creating buildings and spaces that bring positive change. As always we’re looking to collaborate with the best talent in the city to help deliver our vision.”

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What Manchester asks for Manchester will get.

By Livercool

A lot of money for such a small station.

By Elephant

Sounds like the £100m is private sector-funded redevelopment of the land AROUND the station, with the station itself tidied up in the process (again, paid for by the private sector)

By Anonymous

Hardly any trains stop there any more.

By Aenedor

£100m? This can’t just be for the station; it’s tiny.

By Acelius

In an ideal world, you’d close Oxford Road and create a Metrolink-national rail hub at Deansgate. But I know that’s never going to happen with space and funds available

By Mancunian

Oxford Road serves the Universities and many more offices than Deansgate, that sounds like an awful idea Mancunian

By Anonymous

That’s my dream too Mancunian. Change Deansgate into Manchester’s third Rail rub. With 4 270m platforms, 200m Tower linking to Manchester Central and metrolink. And of course a new name creating a new Manchester district , Manchester Peterloo


We need Piccadilly, Oxford Rd, Deansgate and Cornbrook to be developed, enlarged and renovated, not just Deansgate. For this to work, all trains should stop at these stops. Express trains through the city reduce capacity and frequency as slower trains have to wait for express trains. It should also stop all freight. Deansgate and Cornbrook should be proper interchange stations, but eventually so should Oxford Rd as we should have our first underground line under the University area (the footfall is busy enough there)

So yeah, I’m happy this is being done, but it is only the beginning of what we need.


This project comes under the Piccadilly/Oxford Road Capacity Scheme which is subject to a Public Inquiry and still to signed off by the Transport Minister . It seems that Network Rail have been given some information before the public . Is that right ?

By Barny

Livercool grow up

By Anonymous

I genuinely think Livercool is a parody account designed solely to remind us where the true kingdom of the north is.

By Daveboi

The plans put forward at the public inquiry were just to raise the level of the platforms and some refurbishment or the exterior ,the large amount of money quoted is probably to hide the massive overspend on the Ordsall Chord .

By Barny