No1 Castlefield August 2019

DeTrafford sets start date for £75m No1 Castlefield

Charlie Schouten

The developer’s construction arm is set to start enabling works in October to deliver the £75m, 419-apartment scheme just outside Manchester city centre.

DeTrafford secured consent for the Ollier Smurthwaite-designed project in November 2017, with the planning permission including 419 flats across five blocks ranging between five and 16 storeys, along with ground floor commercial and retail space totalling 32,200 sq ft.

There is a variety of apartment types including larger duplexes with external terraces on the top floor of each of the brick-clad blocks.

According to DeTrafford, demolition of existing buildings, including four vacant industrial units, and enabling works are due to begin in the coming months with main works starting in the new year, including piling works and the erection of the blocks’ concrete frame.

A non-material planning amendment was submitted to Manchester city council in May, allowing demolition to go ahead, and outlining DeTrafford’s role as main contractor.

It will be DeTrafford’s largest job as a main contractor once work begins; the developer launched a contracting arm last year with hires from Carillion and Select Property Group, and started on site at the £20m second phase of St George’s Gardens in Castlefield.

The company had previously used Pochin’s as main contractor for its central Manchester residential work, including City Gardens, the Roof Gardens, and the Sky Gardens.

However, DeTrafford found itself in dispute with Pochin’s and the architect, again Ollier Smurthwaite, over City Gardens; the build started on site in 2017 but is understood to be running behind scheduled and over budget. Pochin’s called in administrators earlier this month citing “legacy issues from earlier contracts”; the business’ construction arm also posted a loss of £6m in the year to February 2018.

DeTrafford was contacted for comment.

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We must ensure that only mancunians live here, also nobody who works full time, poor people only.

By Manchester councillor

Apartments with houses on top, who’d have thought?

They look great and suit Manchester.

By Pancake

If it’s a DeTrafford scheme, completion around 2030 then?? Love to know the Councils contingency plan when these guys go pop!!

By Really

Nice little area this but unfortunately it’s across the road from a council estate so it does get trouble

By Dev

Gonna be a sweet area around there, probably some of the cities nicer schemes going up in this area, and when Cornbrook gets re-developed and Pomona Island becomes a huge city park…

By pomona

And more misery for the people who live in the council estate with construction workers using it as a car park.

By Barny

Oh no!, people from the council estate will be walking past the new houses and looking at them, shock horror.

By Corpy Colin

What a truly fabulous building! And great that there are houses – not just catering for singles/ couples/young professionals but perhaps for families and perhaps retired. Keeping people in the city once they settle down so to speak.

By Lizzy Baggot

The city centre is no place for families

By Floyd

Makes you wonder where De Trafford get all their funds from. Investors don’t seem to mind them delaying and delaying completion dates and not seeing any return on their investments. Sky Gardens delayed yet again July 2020. Investors are more likely to be dead before they see a return. Good job, DeTrafford, interest free credit.

By Anonymous

I will add to the comment below. As an unfortunate investor to one of their developments. The completion delays and delays go on and on and you do not see a financial return. Interest free funds for DeTrafford.
Sky Gardens pushed back July 2020. Do they care ?

By Anonymous

Take it from an investor – do not invest until you can actually walk inside the development and see its finished and even then still be careful. I will never do this again! Which is a shame because they spoil it for other developers .

By Anonymous

As a buyer of one of these apartments they have put me off new build for life. They are running so behind and took a huge deposit. I am currently in a horrible situation and will not ever buy off plan ever again.