Town Hall Entrance

Design team appointed for £330m Town Hall project

Architect Purcell, structural engineer Ramboll, landscape architect Planit IE, building surveyor Arup, and quantity surveyor Faithful + Gould have been chosen to advise Manchester City Council on the seven-year Town Hall refurb.

Cllr Bernard Priest, deputy leader of Manchester City Council, said: “The work required to repair and upgrade the Town Hall will demand real expertise and dedication, so we have selected our consultants with great care.  We look forward to working with them on this once-in-a-lifetime project, which will secure and enhance the long-term future of Manchester’s treasured civic centrepiece.”

The grade one-listed Manchester Town Hall will be 140 years old this year. Details of the restoration and refurbishment are yet to be defined, but aim to retain and enhance the building as a functioning town hall, while also reducing carbon footprint and energy costs, and maximising commercial opportunities, potentially by releasing part of the building for offices.

The target date for the completion of any refurbishment, with the building fully re-occupied and functional, is 2023.

The next stage will be to appoint main contractors.

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Hotel and restaurants I sense.

By Yoda's Twin Brother

Knock it down its ugly

By Tim

Oh dear, commercial opportunities. Not content with losing the Free Trade Hall forever, selling the Theatre Royal and blitzing the few bits of character left, they are now going to destroy the integrity of one of Britain’s finest buildings. Beyond belief.

By Anonymous

Arguably the greatest Town Hall in Britain. Please do not allow them to make a pig’s ear out of this, like they did with the library,by sanctioning that hideous glass vestibule. All this needs is sensitive restoration of what is there at the moment. It does not need a canopy of umbrellas, a bogey outside it, or a helicopter pad on the roof. Please do not fix yet another great building, which is not broken. The Free Trade Hall ruined, the Library ruined, St Peters, now a transport interchange. Bootle street losing its best building, the front of the cathedral now a litter strewn sandpit. I don’t hold much hope.

By Elephant

Probably the only decent building in the whole of Manchester-make a good studio for Jeremy Kyle.

By Con

Even more money to spend in times of austerity. They should turn it into a hostel for the homeless if they want to hide their real problems.

By Scouse B

@Con The first jealous scouser of the day. Will their be any more?
It is one of several beautiful buildings scattered around Manchester.

By Warrington Wolf

Is this more public money that has been gifted to Manchester. Not only do they get everything new at Liverpools cost, but they also get money for the upkeep of their only one nice building they have got.

By OJ Okay

Heard rumours that foyer area depicted in the photo is going to be a new branch of Costa.

By Anon

Manchester will always be Westministers chosen one.

By SpeleEazy

Planit IE…………….again…(stifles bellowing yawn and resigned depressive sigh) Tom Lonsdale might not have been the best landscape architect in the world ( or the one with the best temperament) but he could facilitate a scheme, and the Albert Square we have thanks to him since 1986 is a whole lot better than the car park that was there before, and suits the Gothic context of the town hall superbly.. How can this be ‘improved ‘ upon? Or will it, as Elephant rightly points out, become more trendy accretions to the building fabric itself, or further, pointless gilding of a Lilly with a layer of vacuous tripe on the inner courtyards or curtilage , or their stock in special – ‘patterns on the ground’ .Expect advertising and big screens – that’s for sure;- the hallmark of abrogation of principles to cheap populism and dumbing down. As for the cost, well it probably does partly reflect the astronomically fixed cartel rates for asbestos removal ( which unless you file it to powder and inhale it every night is the safest thing you can have in a building) and I am sure the wiring is a horrendous dangerous mess dating from goodness knows when, and ancient plumbing, and disability access, fire sprinklers, and structural repairs etc. All well and good, and long overdue. However, I do believe that the Council are permanently moving out to the 1930’s extension and commercial interests will be moving in to the main structure; so the core driver is not civic pride or service or local democracy it’s accountancy, the bottom line and filthy lucre to prepare it for being a heritage cash cow. “Dream Team” ? My eye!

By Cassandra

Of the very few world class buildings Manchester has; this one is exceptional and so cannot be messed up.Its one thing upgrading empty old office buildings; but when they say ‘maximising commercial opportunities’ it makes your blood run cold, if they mess this one up.

By Billy

@Wolf not from Liverpool but Manchester has always had its begging bowl outside west Minister whilst the likes of a global city Liverpool has always looked out to the world for inspiration.

By Con

Public toilets

By Ken