98 Wilmslow Road, Views, Manchester P.consultation Documents
The consultation on the scheme ends on 6 September. Credit: Ollier Smurthwaite Architects

Curry Mile apartments unveiled  

Dan Whelan

Developer Views is preparing to lodge an application for a 48-home scheme featuring six ground floor retail units on Wilmslow Road in Rusholme. 

Views has held pre-application discussions with Manchester City Council and has launched a public consultation on its proposals. 

Designed by Ollier Smurthwaite Architects, the redevelopment of 98 Wilmslow Road features a new-build four-storey block comprising a mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments. 

The ground floor of the Curry Mile project is to include six commercial units ranging in size from 290 sq ft to 1,680 sq ft.

The site is located on the corner of Wilmslow Road, famed for its high concentration of South Asian restaurants, and Grandale Street. 

At present, the site is occupied by a two-storey commercial building, most recently occupied by Purples Dessert and Grill, and a surface level car park. 

The design of the project is informed by local buildings including the former depository further north on Wilmslow Road, which stood between the 1870s and 1980s. 

Avison Young is the planning consultant for the project. 

The consultation on the scheme ends on 6 September. You can access the consultation and see its plans for yourself at planningconsultations.avisonyoung.co.uk/WilmslowRoad.aspx.

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Lovely design. More of this please!

By Anonymous

That’s quite an impressive design

By Birdman

Really surprised by this one, its a really attractive scheme. very in keeping with the area

By Jon P

Great design….shame they can’t demolish the rest of the street and build something of this quality

By Steve

Who would want to live in such a busy environment? Congestion even at 3am.

By Nimble nimby

This is absolutely stunning. Please get this built ASAP!

By Robert

Very tasteful.

By Rich X

This looks great, such a step on from the crude and cheap high density blocks that have infilled some sites over the previous decade or so. Genuine city building. More of this in suburban Greater Manchester please.

By SMancUrbanist

This is the benchmark all new developments should adhere to, it looks fantastic!

By Observer

Other Manchester architects take note of this comments section!!!

By Anonymous

Looks good, is there a link to the public consultation?

By Anonymous

Nice project not sure about location with constant traffic, super cars revving and horns blaring. I will be surprised if these apartments sell.

By Dark Knight

Everything looks great in Renderland.

Don’t forget Ollier Smurthwaite gave us the beauty that is Sky Gardens…

By G Jackson

I wasn’t expecting that !

By Impressed

Lovely how they’ve deleted the pedestrian crossing, pedestrian guardrails, the million parked cars on the side street and modified the curry house on the left to look pretty (and not a rolldown metal shutter). They’ve also added a fancy streetlight.

Can we have some honesty please?

By Anon

Nimble Nimby, ‘who would want to live in such a busy environment? ‘ Really?, then who would want to live in city centres?, who would want to live in cities at all? Why are major cities the world over full of people? Why are they being built, is it because they sell or are the developers just building them for fun? I’m sure they’d be be fascinated by the deep insight you’d be able to provide to show them all where they are going wrong.

By NewObserver

Stunning design (so far). More of this in the suburbs and the city centre please.

By Anonymous

I think there may be one or two who haven’t seen Wilmslow road at all hours. Well I have, and what I have not seen as yet is Wilmslow road looking so quiet and traffic free. You can literally cross the road without looking left and right.
A nice render by the way.

By Nimble nimbly

I think it fits in with Manchester`s industrial heritage perfectly. Manchester is not a classically beautiful city like Rome, Seville or Liverpool, so therefore should work with its strengths and limitations.

By Liverpool Romance

No Nimbly Wimbly, you won’t see it traffic free and quite. it’s 3 miles from the city centre and on a main artery in. Stands to reason really.

By Anonymous

Not much thought gone into this

By Stephen

Absolute corker.

By .

Looks great

By Glass Box

This is very misleading and looks like a sleepy city when it is the opposite. The curry mile never sleeps.

By Rusholme ruffian

I’m sure you meant well LR as you always do when discussing Manchester but saying Manchester should work within its limitations ? wouldn’t that be the same for all cities , like Liverpool for instance where currently next to nothing is being built? I think our Northern cities in particular have to stretch the limitations imposed by a London based government and expand the jobs and the local economy significantly , and let’s be honest, that’s a limitation Manchester has smashed out of sight far more than any other UK city for years now.

By Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous. I’ve updated the story to include a link, but for the sake of ease – here it is: http://planningconsultations.avisonyoung.co.uk/WilmslowRoad.aspx

By Julia Hatmaker