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Cumbria homes face refusal

Eden District Council’s planning officers have recommended that committee deny planning permission for a 15-bungalow affordable housing scheme on the edge of Sockbridge and Tirrill.

The site is agricultural land, covering 2.22 acres, forming around a third of a larger, open field which is not currently separated by any means. It is also around 475m from the edge of the Lake District’s UNESCO World Heritage Site boundary. The scheme has been put forward for outline consent by Burnetts Solicitors.

Officers gave five grounds for refusing consent: that the development doesn’t represent a “modest infill site” as set out in Eden’s Local Plan;  that the scale is unacceptable in a hamlet setting; massing; that it does not reflect or enhance the local landscape character; and that it has a significantly harmful impact on the rural aspect of its setting.

From site, press and neighbour notifications issued in May, 30 letters of objection were received, with two neutral representations and no letters of support.

The report noted that two other residential developments have recently been approved, and that those homes plus the 15 proposed here would mean an increase of 45 homes in the hamlet, increasing its total number of properties by 20%.

The planning committee meets on Thursday 19 July.

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