Belong Birkdale 2
The company was appointed to build a care home in Southport last month

Cruden Construction lines up administrators

Dan Whelan

The Cheshire-based construction firm, part of Cruden Group, is understood to have signed a notice to appoint administrators, with KPMG set to be formally brought in within the next 10 days. 

A notice to appoint administrators gives the directors a ten-day period of protection from creditor action, before any official proceedings commence. 

The firm reported an operating loss of £2.2m for the financial year ending 30 September 2018. Cruden’s turnover for that year was £38m, up from £32m in 2017.

Last month, Cruden Construction was appointed to take over the construction of a £19m care village for care home operator Belong, a former Pochin project in Birkdale near Southport. 

Cruden was also on site at an affordable housing scheme for Torus in Eastham, Wirral.

In June, the firm was among 30 contractors appointed to Great Places Housing Group’s £750m Innovation Chain North framework to deliver social and affordable housing projects across the region. 

Cruden, founded in 1964, has its head office in Knutsford Road in Grappenhall. 

KPMG declined to comment. Cruden has been contacted for a statement. 

Cruden’s impending administration marks it as the latest in a string of contractors that have gone to the wall over the last couple of years.

In February, Warrington-based construction firm Harry Fairclough appointed administrators, followed in April by CPUK, based in Skelmersdale.

Construction had a dismal 2019. Marcus Worthington & Company, the construction division of Marcus Worthington Group, Pochin and Bardsley Construction all appointed administrators. In December 2018, administrators were appointed at Bolton-based contractor Forrest.

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What about Cruden Propery Services?

By Stan

This has been on the cards for years, trying to rip off subbies,theyve just been kicking the can down the road i bet its in the millions again , They made losses for years and.its the subbies who suffer once again .i bet they say its due to covid .

By mike

I joined this company in 2005; I noticed my computer kept moving, and my sandwiches kept getting eaten. I found a wire loosely buried in the ceiling and followed it to a room. I opened the door and saw a significant amount of monitors surrounding the walls. A man, who was the man who interviewed me dropped his glass of water, and the ice cubes scattered everywhere. He asked me “Jake, how did you find this place? Have they indoctrinated you yet?” I pretended I was informed on what was appearing as a top-secret, but yet myopic project by the company.

As the portrait of Margaret thatcher became loose by a sudden gust of wind, I knew I had to escape Cruden; I had to escape Mr Cruden and his predominating tendencies.

Fifteen years later, I still dream of the man in the room, what was his malicious agendas? Was he a real man, or a man, made of rabbits?
Why do rabbits seem attracted to me? Did I stumble into a room of lies and conspiracy? A conspiracy to overthrow NATO, causing a global war to bring all of humankind and rabbit kind in the battlefields of Israel?

Cruden group, I shall see you at the gates of the inferno, of hades, in the eyes of GOD him self!

By The rabbits

Bit much that?

By Dave

Blimey ‘the rabbits’ someones been on furlough a bit too long and lost all sense of reality ;-)

Sad news about Cruden but yet again its the subbies who will carry the burden- owed money and cant afford to just go into administration and wipe the slate clean. Something has to change


Unfortunately, yet another longstanding North West family-owned contractor appears to be going to the wall…..such a shame but its reflective of the construction industry at present…..there will be more to come !

By Guest

Another company gone from Warrington Cruden were always bad payers only paying once you start court proceedings not the kind of company you want to work for anyway.

Harry Fairclough also on it’s way under owing subbies

By Paulie

Contractors have been allowed too much control of the industry. Contractors should just build period. Get them off the frameworks encouraging a race to the bottom, get the public sector educated and leave the rest to the professionals instead of pushing them down into the supply chain….

By Jaded

Yet another example of a contractor trading well beyond its net assets with a turnover:net assets ration of c 36 times. It’s the professional teams who keep on appointing such contractors to schemes who are partly to blame, pushing for the lowest price but not appreciating when a firm is buying work or trading beyond a sensible position. Sadly they’re in it just for their fees, pick the lowest price and don’t give a toss if the contractor goes pop.

By Fidel

Yet another – sad to see these long established companies failing – tough times are still ahead

By Nigel B

Regional contractors did OK for a long time, but their business model was forced to change.

And many of them simply did not / do no have the calibre of people able to adapt to that change.

I watched Harry Fairclough build John Moores new pavilion building annexe to the Aldham Robarts Library in 2019 and their management was very sloppy. Not surprised they went under, was like watching a replay from the 1970s.

By North by North-West

The Directors of Cruden walk away while the sub contractors who made them are left picking up the pieces

By Not a PQS

Who else is on the cards, more will soon follow…..

By Guest

I live directly opposite the site in Eastham, for months now , I have had to put up with huge amounts of heavy traffic coming and going, all day long , starting as early as 07.00 , and the dust and grime ang general daily noise coming from over the road, but I have put up with it in the hope that it will soon end, and will be left with a nice little estate , but now what ? The site has been emptied , and all is left is 28 half built houses, the kids will be in there in no time , and it will just become a magnet for druggies , and the value of my property will plummet. Can somebody tell me I’m wrong .

By Neil

A sad day. The 1st Company I ever worked for. Started in 1977 when they were part of Crudens from Scotland. Used to donate 5p a month to Charity as part of your Contract agreement.
Offices were in Chapel Lane, Stockton Heath, before they bought the Service Station on Knutsford Road and converted it into their Offices.
They were a great Company to work for in those days.
A very sad demise.

By Paul Anderson