North West Crewe Package
The council wants to acquire 39 plots of land to deliver the North West Crewe Package

CPO approved for Crewe roads scheme   

Sarah Townsend

Cheshire East Council has approved the use of compulsory purchase powers to deliver a £36.5m roads and infrastructure package to support the development of 1,350 homes.

The council tweeted on Tuesday afternoon: “Cabinet has approved the use of compulsory purchase powers for the delivery of the North West Crewe Package infrastructure scheme and has also authorised the council to enter into an Infrastructure Delivery Agreement for the scheme.”

The North West Crewe package includes a north-south spine road from Crewe towards the Greater Manchester connurbation, including the construction of a new A530 road linking Smithy Lane, Minshull New Road and Middlewich Road.

It also proposes the realignment of Smithy Lane, an east-west link road from the A530 to the spine road and a series of junction improvements.

The roads are intended to open up two sites earmarked for homes. These are Leighton West, which is earmarked to provide 850 homes, and Leighton, to provide a further 500.

Under the cabinet agreement yesterday, Cheshire East would use several CPOs to acquire a total of 39 plots of land needed to bring forward the roads and infrastructure package, should agreements with individual landowners not be possible.

However, the report from the council’s planners, examined by the cabinet this week, states that CPOs would only be used as a “last resort”.

During the meeting, the cabinet also approved Cheshire East’s carbon action plan, which sets out how the council will meet its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.


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Another 1,350 more houses planned to be built in this Northern part of Crewe which has already had (some still ongoing) 4 major building developments in the area (Leighton Park, Stoneley Park, Maw Green, West Street plus several smaller developments eg Sidney Road, Broad St, resulting in a much increased volume of traffic on roads that are already in a dire state of disrepair and some little better than farm tracks (eg Stoneley Road, Ford Lane, Maw Green Rd) is little short of ridiculous and a great matter for concern. Added to this is the fact that the doctors surgeries and hospital are already overloaded so that it is increasingly difficult to get an appointment (and that was before the backlog that is going to result from Covid 19) which a further 1,350 (x3 for the average occupancy) will only further exacerbate. Also are more schools planned? Is the intention that Crewe just becomes a commuter town for Manchester and even London with no benefits whatsoever to local residents? The plans to compulsory purchase even more green belt sites makes me furious when I think of the large areas of land in this area which have already been destroyed as a result of housing developments. We have areas in the town itself which would be much more suitable and environmentally friendly to be developed, such as High Street, Heathfield avenue which are a disgrace! I could go on but I am totally frustrated that Cheshire East clearly plans to ride rough shod over any objections by the people of Crewe. I naively thought that Cheshire East councillors were appointed to act in the interests of the people they serve!!

By Dorothy Tyson

Have a day off Dorothy…
Every time there’s a new housing development nimbys always cite lack of ‘infrastructure’, doctor waiting times etc. New developments bring with them their own financial contributions by way of the planning system, council tax additional spending within the local economy. We can’t stand still, there is still a housing crisis. These are big housing developments that are phased to take years (and most likely over a decade to fully deliver in this case) – surely better to have it allocated by the council rather than ‘speculative development’ – which people also love to moan about. You can’t win.
Oh, and this isn’t greenbelt!

By JayQay

If I did you wouldn’t listen

By Keith Billington

Compulsory purchase in this day and age… Its criminal and a abuse of power. Absolute disgrace and what about the climate crisis we’re in and the health and well-being of all the people who live in this area for a reason, not to be surrounded by cars, traffic, pollution, noise and think about the wildlife that will ultimately suffer because of this poor decision. Please think of more than just money Cheshire East Council

By Charlotte Harding

Maybe spend it on clearing up the insane amount of Pot Holes and Garbage waste that has been left to rot on the pavement please

By Anonymous

‘Garbage’?? Do you mean rubbish? I think you’ve been watching too much Netflix during lockdown.

By Anonymous

Where will the new schools and doctors be to accomodate this?

By Emma

There is plenty of brownfield land in Crewe that could be developed, but this plot will allow for many more houses, so the councillors who have invested interests in the development companies wouldn’t make as much money if they used them. Check the background of some of the companies involved, see who the directors are, you may be surprised to see the amount of the directors who are councillors! Anyway, as was already mentioned, the roads are already over loaded, there ain’t enough doctors, schools, dentists, shops, PARKING SPACES!!! So let’s just add another 1000+ cars and around 2000+ people to the already dire situation. As long as the councillors get their pay day!

By Ade

Get it built now congestion is going to be made worse with the closing of pyms Lane so the council should be getting it built now and not wait until next year before starting this would also be an ideal time to start with people staying at home but like all new delevopment in the area it either doesn’t get built or we have to wait years for it and so we get left behind while other towns prospore

By Richard froud

I understand the world crisis , but the council don’t ,use the money to buy or make PPE for all frontline people workers , then PPE for all people, you WORK for. Come, be prepared and the death rate will be zero

By Lloydy