Liverpool Strategic Investment Framework published in 2012 called for new offices at Pall Mall

Council publishes £75m Pall Mall OJEU notice

The public sector’s latest attempt to attract a developer to a large office development plot on the edge of Liverpool city centre has officially begun, with an invitation to tender issued through the Official Journal of the European Union.

The appointed developer would get the chance to build up to 400,000 sq ft of offices on a three-acre site between Tithebarn Street and Leeds Street. The site is next to the Exchange Station and St Paul’s Square office developments.

Developers have been reluctant to embark on major new office schemes in the city in recent years after a run of poor take-up, although agents argue demand has picked up and would be spurred on by new supply.

The city council acquired the Pall Mall plot from the Homes & Communities Agency earlier this year. The HCA and economic development agency Liverpool Vision have run development contests before for Pall Mall and marketed it internationally at MIPIM. An extensive framework for the area was published in 2005 and updated in the 2012 Liverpool Strategic Investment Framework, but to date a developer has yet to be appointed.

The city council said it will also explore with the preferred development partner how the adjoining surface car park operated by NCP on seven acres could be brought forward for a complementary mixed-use scheme including a hotel and apartments.

St Paul’s Square was developed in the last regeneration cycle and is now home to major companies such as Atos, DWF, Hill Dickinson, US Airways, Bosch, Investec, Maersk, Santander and Weightmans, but has never been fully occupied.

The city council envisages delivery of the £75m Pall Mall office element on its own site by the end of March 2019.

Mayor Joe Anderson commented: “As a growing city, it is vital we have the right office space available in the right place and Pall Mall is part of a natural expansion of the commercial district.”

JLL is advising Liverpool City Council.

The deadline for expressions of interest is midday on 17 October.

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Perfect location for expanded commercial district close to Moorfields underground station – external refurbishments just announced. Liverpool’s time is now coming… This district needs new hotels and restaurants as part of the planned expansion… Dale Street/Victoria Street coming on nicely with all the new activity in historic buildings… joins everything up.

By Alfie

Agree with you wholeheartedly Alfie.

I keep banging the drum about Tithebarn and Chapel Streets, hopefully if Pall Mall takes off, the rest of the sites around the Commercial District which is currently cleared site parking will be developed too. A world class city cannot afford to have vacant plots like that if it’s competing with similar sized cities.

I wish the Council all the best with securing a developer and regenerating this part of the city. These are promising times.

By anon

We need imaginative schemes around Hackins Hey and Leather Lane leading through these old medieval byways with a new vibrant quarter to link Dale Street to the new Commercial District core… And the bottom end if Chapel Street too around Covent Garden, last of the bomb sites where the Banksy was removed.

By Alfie

Who is going to fill this office space? That’s the key issue for the city as it is for any prospective developer.

By Optimist


By zebith

Defiantly Alfie! We shouldn’t have bomb sites in prime central locations. It needs sorting!

By Anon

Liverpool can act as regional centre just as much as the other north west city… and increasingly will. Liverpool has two international airports within half an hour: Liverpool city LJLA, and Manchester…
Liverpool has many advantages over its rivals… It is the heart of the city on the Mersey… and a more exciting centre for the 6 million plus people within an hours drive is hard to find!

By Alfie

Let’s hope this great city reaches its potential….c’mon, lad.

Just a thought though: I can’t help thinking it holds itself back. Too many plastic scousers and not enough real ones. Although, in fairness, there hasn’t been a real scouser come out of Liverpool for 60 years as the chimes from the Chingle Foundry at Kensington stopped a long time ago.

Notwithstanding all that, it would be wonderful to see this part of the city centre developed. I used to park up that way a few years back and it always seemed so dead up that part of town.

By Mizzer

Dear Mizzer. You are damed if you are a Scouser and damned if you are not. There are plenty of real ones around. Trust me. And if you are looking for real scousers just look to the very area and the areas that are forgotten about! Netherfield Road, Everton Road, Breck Road, Scotland Road, nonsense!

By Bob Dawson

I think Mizzer is being provocative… no point in rising to it Bob…
When they talk about plastic scousers it’s often code for their resentment at how far the city now spreads…
Liverpool knocks spots of most of its rivals as an attractive place to live, work and play and some don’t like that…

By Alfie

Alf, I’m a massive fan of Liverpool. The potential of that place is astounding: the waterfront, city living, retail, pubs, history, the relaxed environs like Formby up north, the connectivity is quite good (apart from the three missing junctions of the M62, being J1, J2 and J3 – that’s embarrassing), city centre naturally falling from Hardman Street into the natural hollow of Paradise Street / Whitechapel then rising up towards the law courts then dipping down to the river. That amazing topography coupled with the right development is why I believe Liverpool could out-Chicago Chicago.

By Mizzer