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Council opens services in £48m Tameside One

Robertson has completed construction of a 160,000 sq ft building in Ashton-under-Lyne which will see the co-location of Tameside College and Tameside Council, a scheme that was delayed following the collapse of contractor Carillion.

The £48m second phase of the Vision Tameside regeneration project is being opened in two stages throughout March; this week saw the opening of the council’s Joint Public Service Centre, which includes a library and services including welfare rights, Citizens Advice, and Jobcentre Plus.

The scheme is built on the former site of council administrative offices. The council has reduced the amount of space its services occupy by around half, and the building design incorproates energy-saving measures so the council can target a saving of £1.5m a year.

Later this month, Tameside College will open the 70,000 sq ft Advanced Skills Centre, which includes training space for vocational subjects. The first phase of Vision Tameside saw two facilities built for Tameside College and completed in 2016.

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Robertson was drafted in last year to complete the centre following the collapse of Carillion in January 2018. The development is led by the council’s infrastructure partner Inspired Spaces Tameside. Ryder Architecture designed the building.

Robertson originally entered into an eight-week Early Works Agreement but later extended this agreement for the duration of the project. During the course of the project, the council provided an additional £9m to ensure completion.

Dirk Pittaway, managing director of Robertson North West, said: “This project will provide high-class facilities to the people of Tameside and make a real difference in the local community.

“The Robertson team has worked tirelessly with Tameside Council to ensure this phase of Vision Tameside has been delivered to the highest standard and I’m delighted with the outcome of the project.

“A particularly pleasing part of the project has been Robertson’s ability to secure employment for the site team from the former contractor and support the development of young people throughout construction with several completing their apprenticeships.”

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Finally a good news story to come out of the Carillion collapse… looks a great scheme!

By Mr S

Good negotiating to get early works agreed and then completion contract

By Superintendent Chalmers

Great news for tameside, let’s hope this is just the start of good things for the borough

By Interesting

The construction may have been completed but what about the surrounding areas ?

By Phill Mellish

I wonder whether I may be supplied with a wheely bin after 4 years 2 months, 43 emails, 7 hand written letters, countless phone calls and 20+ visits in person by the council now, because if I’m not then expensive buildings dont work and if I am then why does it take expensive buildings to supply me a wheely bin, it has got to the point where it seems given what I’ve just stated that the council can’t win and why should they be in a win situation when I have paid 4 years of council tax and not once had a bin of any description for the whole of this time, one phone call should have been enough, one phone call, one letter, one email, and one visit over one month would have been bad enough but I could have accepted it given the upheaval caused by temporary offices whilst the new one was built but what I have had to endure is a complete and utter shambles for which there are no excuses, shame on you Tameside council.

By Adam

No ground floor access to Job Centre, Citizens Advice, Welfare Rights, Customer Services. Access up 25 stone steps outside or 29 stairs inside. There is a small lift. This is unsuitable for anyone with both mobility issues and claustrophobia which is actually really common. Many physical disabilities can trigger anxiety issues. I asked what reasonable adjustments had been made for such people, it hadn’t been thought about! A planned glass lift to the exterior was mentioned. This does not diminish distress for a claustrophobic client or staff member. Upstairs is the place where people with disabilities need to come for advice! They need to access job centre appointments or be sanctioned. The best the council staff could discuss was getting advisors to come down to meet clients. Unsure about where but the disability changing room was mentioned. Without their computer system? Will this be done? Oh and passers by can see what you are doing on the library computers!

By E. P.

Adam, we will get you a bin.

By Brenda Warrington

Another ugly building in Tameside.

By tameside eye

Good news! Hopefully this provides an excellent working environment for the Council staff that have had to endure a difficult 9 years of severe cuts and upheaval. Let’s hope this will help out AUL as a retailing centre too.. Enjoy!

By OL6 6DL

Architecturally, it’s a blunder…

Massing is wrong…

Fenestration is wrong…

Perforated plant louvres are wrong…

Ground level permeability is wrong…

Looks like it should be at the side of a freeway in north Denver…

By Brian Caldecott

what a waste of public money!

By waste of money

How can they build this building during a time of their children services being unsatisfactory.
Homelessness in our youth of Tameside is at an all time high but as long as them councillors get to walk into a nice fresh building everything’s fine.
Tameside council is probably one of the worst run in the country, I used to do children’s rights in 2010 and it was a shambles then, and believe me they don’t mind making huge cuts to people’s life’s whilst eating huge buffets that are supplied to most meetings!! This is why I will never pay council tax I’d rather do the 8 weeks jail time!!

By Tilly