Market Place Whitehaven
The market used to open twice a week in Market Place

Copeland seeks views on Whitehaven Market

Dan Whelan

The authority has invited residents to have their say on the future of the market, including possibly relocating it from Market Place after it suffered from dwindling footfall and shut stalls before finally closing during the lockdown. 

Despite retail being permitted to reopen since June, Copeland Council voted unanimously to keep the market shut pending a consultation on how it should be run. 

Copeland Mayor Mike Starkie said the council wanted to explore alternatives to make the market more attractive before reopening. 

Residents are being asked whether they think the location of the market is suitable and to propose suggestions for an alternative site. 

As well as the location, the market’s opening hours could change. The council is asking residents for feedback on whether they would prefer larger, themed markets to be open monthly or quarterly as opposed to twice weekly. 

Residents have until 30 August to lodge their views with the council. 

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It should be down king street in the heart of the town.

By Michelle

I think with getting a new water theme Harbour the market should be moved there one a week or
A big one one a month , or like it use to be with more stalls on the market place

By William carr

never mind a market the town centre needs cleaned up shops boarded up even the harbour why would anyone want to come into town been looking very rough for a long time disgrace

By Linda wilkinson

What market the 4 stalls we get up it’s a joke whitehaven needs a market like it was in 1980s end to end stalls where u could buy anything this town a total make over with new shops and end to end market stalls it’s a diying town and the council are watching it happen it’s becoming a ghost town people are going elsewhere to spend their money theres nothing here to spend it on

By Angela acton

I used to have a market stall the first thing they need to do is lower the stall holders charges for being there also they need to get it advertised more to get more footfall nobody wants to buy from the market and a lot of that is to do with local business putting people off buying if it was up to me I would have the market once a week of a Saturday with a car boot to try and get more stall holders and footfall to the market if not the market will not be there much longer.

By Jay